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The very end of Desert Bus is coming! Go watch the end! DOOOO ITT.

Also nothing much else happened to me today because I was busy. Also yay for 1 month of daily posts without interruptions yay me.

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Whatever happened to anime? Zetsuen no Tempest is pretty good. Psycho-Pass continues to be excellent.

And then I watched Sword Art Online 20 and was :( face all evening. It’s like, the show knows Kirito will win every fight. The audience knows he will win every fight. But the suspense and wonder of the magical fantasy game is all lost because we know he’s going to win. Stop showing us cuts to girls pining over whether he will win or not. Because he wins. All the time. See Boring Invincible Hero. The huge problem with the show is that he’s still the blasted main character. Kirito apparently has flaws and stuff but this casually shows up only in his ineptitude of understanding girls- which is the same as every main character in his demographic ever.

Played some inhouse DotA2 last night. Captained two different teams to victory. The first we outdrafted them during the picking stage. The second was due to our superior strategy of “since we can’t stop them killing us all we have to do is make sure Luna never dies and doesn’t stop farming” which was kind of hit-and-miss but means I spent the first 30 minutes telling Luna where to farm. And Luna never got killed. And then we turned the tide and demolished them with our OP farmed Luna. Satisfying.

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Oh hey, I didn’t see you there. In fact, I was kind of busy.

So that happened, and it was awesome, and I missed it while stuck on a bus in traffic :|

Given up on my Skyrim Assassin’s Guild playthrough because it is boring. Playing Left 4 Dead 2 when the need to game arises which is alright. What I really want is a MMO to play, and I can’t help but feel I’m so close to just purchasing Guild Wars 2 if I wasn’t so unsure what settings I could reasonably play it at. That being said, feel free to suggest something to help me pass my time.

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Because what I want to associate banks with is giant robot bees.

This ad scares me.

Giant, robot bees. They have blades and harpoons. And they fly.

It has a threatening tagline.

Someone has managed to combine scary insects with a robot apocalypse.

Whoever invented this needs to be shot. Or ideally, put in a room full of giant robot bees and see how they like it.

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Still watching Desert Bus. It’s so much better this year with all these surprise driver failures :)

Finished the Overworld LAST Stage today, which means I unlocked all the overpowered post-game units. Like the Queen Amerias – which has 20% bonus damage, damage reduction and HP restored per turn (with 50k total HP!), immunity to MAP attacks, +10 to all unit stats if it’s HP drops below 50%, a shield and if it dies (how?) it turns into a slightly weaker unit with full HP and EN on top of the ability to do this manually! And then there is the ever-OP Dark History Turn A Gundam.

I can buy multiples of these.

Time for HELL mode and I’ve still got 4 unique stages left to complete on top of that.

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Been kind of busy watching Desert Bus. You should too.

Played some inhouse DotA2 games last night. Casted one of them even though my co-commentator quickly lost his ability to use the mic. All 2 people watching enjoyed it. Feels good man. Want to do it some more.

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Greevils can be hatched now. This is my Seraphic Greevil:



I don’t really think I have anything to add, other than he’s really ugly.

Desert Bus begins today! Wooo!

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Added Slark! There is also now a chatwheel for people who don’t have mics to abuse.

The International 2 now has a short documentary about it. It’s OK. I think compLexity got too much screen time for being knocked out so early, where even though 7/8 teams in the top 8 were Chinese not a lot of interviews were from them. Maybe it’s about who works well with the camera. Or who the audience is expected to be. Also no caster interviews which felt kind of weird.

Played some Reverse Captains Mode with friends the last two days where you draft the opposition’s team for them. It’s alright. Truthfully, the skill level of my friends are so wildly different in some cases that the teams are usually straight imbalanced. Still had a lot of fun with some people being funny in the casting slots while we were playing.

@ECHOcasts is now about the next Borderlands 2 DLC, featuring MISTER TORGUE, who appears to be a nice guy who likes explosions. It also makes looking at past tweets look weird when a character account changes. Guys, it’s just as easy to make a new one, you’re basically saying this is an advertisement and not a character twitter. That a shame, I liked General Knoxx’s twitter. Also I’m un-following you feel bad about it.

I went on TVTropes this morning and spoiled the plot of Little Busters! for myself, which is basically the realisation that I’m checking if the show has a payoff before I drop it. I just don’t care about Riki and his friends. I thought they were going to play baseball, not do stupid sidequests with repressed-memory-girl-with-the-annoying-voice.

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And now, for some links.

2 days until Desert Bus For Hope!

Some funny advertising posters about advertising.

The Borderlands 2 Bee shield finally receives a nerf  in the 1.20 patch:

  • Amplify damage from Amplify Shields is now divided among all projectiles fired from a single shot.
  • Balance adjustments to “The Bee”:
    • Increased Recharge Delay
    • Significantly increased Recharge Rate
    • Reduced Amplify damage

The old Bee shield.

The new Bee shield.

This is the same shield by the way, screenshots taken before and after patch. Big nerfs, an annoying buzzing sound and now using shotguns with the Bee is kind of a waste of time since the amplify damage gets shared among the bullets fired per shot. Which was kind of why it was awesome.

Do you remember Borderlands 1? Do you remember having those big, awesome end-game guns that destroyed everyone fairly easily when you were bored and wanted some bandits to gib? Borderlands 2 doesn’t have that. It’s just one long grind for ‘Legendary’ weapons whose drop rates are rather legendary. Sorry guys, I love the game but it lacks endgame. No decent raid dungeons/bosses. I can’t just go around looting to see new weapons like the New Haven run because there’s no chests that easy to farm.

Honestly, my playing really dropped off when I finally admitted to myself the cool loot was not going to drop as often as the first game. Still not buying into any DLC until more details. Season pass feels expensive for the opportunity to perform more grinding.

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As I write this, Diretide has still not ended. I want my courier(s), but I still like the practically free items you get for playing. Played with pubs this morning, and won every game because we were all pretty good and had decent teamwork. Nobody raged at mistakes, but there weren’t very many. Which is more than I can say about what happens when I play with friends sometimes.

The Dark Brotherhood sent me on a story quest… to clear a dungeon and kill a boss. Sigh. The random contracts from Narfi are much cooler than killing a guy who the questgiver tells us is bad, but just to make sure it’s OK for us to kill him he lives in the middle of nowhere with bandits. Bandits are bad. Upon returning to Sanctuary I was instructed to hide inside a coffin (with the remains of our demigod) to eavesdrop on a Jester who is mad. I’d like to say it accomplished nothing but freaking me out a little but apparently whoever wrote these cutscenes thought important story points were happening here. Herp derp, Astrid doesn’t believe in the Night Mother or whoever (but still prays to Sithis? OK…) and instructs me to ignore my heavenly orders to go do more menial work for Narfi. It’s alright Astrid, I like Narfi. You’re the one who’s weird.

Skyfall doesn’t come out in NZ for another week and a half but the trailer looks awesome and the internet can’t stop telling me it’s good and I want to go see it please stop gushing and give me a ticket.

Finished the C Rank Ex Stage on Overworld, and now just finishing the D stages without any of the Generation Breaks because I really want to get to the end of the campaign for some of those post-game units. And it’s getting to the point of 2-3 hour length missions where my PSP battery life is less than 2 hours.