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Whatever happened to anime? Zetsuen no Tempest is pretty good. Psycho-Pass continues to be excellent.

And then I watched Sword Art Online 20 and was :( face all evening. It’s like, the show knows Kirito will win every fight. The audience knows he will win every fight. But the suspense and wonder of the magical fantasy game is all lost because we know he’s going to win. Stop showing us cuts to girls pining over whether he will win or not. Because he wins. All the time. See Boring Invincible Hero. The huge problem with the show is that he’s still the blasted main character. Kirito apparently has flaws and stuff but this casually shows up only in his ineptitude of understanding girls- which is the same as every main character in his demographic ever.

Played some inhouse DotA2 last night. Captained two different teams to victory. The first we outdrafted them during the picking stage. The second was due to our superior strategy of “since we can’t stop them killing us all we have to do is make sure Luna never dies and doesn’t stop farming” which was kind of hit-and-miss but means I spent the first 30 minutes telling Luna where to farm. And Luna never got killed. And then we turned the tide and demolished them with our OP farmed Luna. Satisfying.

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