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November 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Something I forgot to mention yesterday; Desert Bus 6 is now open for donations. Can’t wait for this year’s bussing. Ten days to go!

I saw Looper recently. Good film. The time travel is weird and doesn’t quite work… but it’s internally consistent and works as a plot device for the character drama the film is really about. Honestly I didn’t even mind when watching it. I still think it’s good even if the time travel is weird. Which got me thinking about Stable Time Loops (of which Looper is not one), and I can’t help but feel that the episode Blink of the new Doctor Who series is probably my favourite example of it despite it containing a paradox – but then time travel works differently from episode to episode depending on the author. I love time travel plots in SF. Harry Potter had a fun one in book 3, and HPMoR turns that right up to 11.

I was thinking about plot holes and stuff after reading this, which was a response to this, which was a response to the critques of this. Folks, the Internet. Also, no I didn’t read a 12000 word article in full caps. I skimmed it.

I think after Diretide ends I will be playing much less DotA2. I mean less than I was playing before the event started. Played some regular games with friends last night. I’m not mad that you get mad at me for being out of position or mistiming a skill. I get that. I’m not a pro player, I can learn from mistakes. But you can’t expect me to be Dendi or SexyBamboe level Windrunner. But when I call you out on your stuff, you can’t ignore criticism because you think I’m a worse player than you. Go back and look. You made just as many mistakes as I did. Nothing gives you the right to try and wave your ‘skill level is below mine so your feedback is pointless’ attitude especially when your skill level isn’t above mine.

I guess I’ve started only playing for the cosmetic item drops. I like dressing up my character. I hate the community. I still enjoy watching the pro matches. I don’t think I can ever quit, but I can certainly play less.

I need a new game but I don’t even know what I want to play.

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Rant: IMO

January 26, 2011 Leave a comment

Before reading this post, you should probably watch this video.

Done that?

If you didn’t, here are the points that I want you to have taken away from what Bob said. (1): That (on the internet) any one thing must have a rival something(s). (2): If you say something about any one thing, you must say something equally about all other rival somethings.

Remember – from here on out we are dealing with opinions, not facts.

(1) appears to be an assumption people base on man’s inherent competitive nature. After all, how can something be good unless there is something bad to compare it against? How can you win unless someone came second? Read more…

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Game of the Year

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been the month for deciding Game of the Year by major (and minor) gaming and associated publication across magazines and the web. The award intends to show that the recipient is the best gaming had to offer and should go down in history as the crowing achievement for that year of releases. The winner then goes on to re-release a “Game of the Year Edition” to show off to the rest of the world just how good it was.

And then you go to the place where you buy video games (I use a retail store, others use internet sites, it doesn’t matter) and you might notice that there is more than one game boasting a GotY Edition.

Simple answer: as you you’re no doubt aware, there are MANY gaming publications. And all of them, to show some degree of professionalism, are offering their own version of the award. All awarded through different criteria, a different panel of judges, a different mechanic of choosing the winner.

In 2009, Uncharted 2 won over 100 awards related to Game of the Year. That’s as many as ten tens.

And that’s terrible.

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Rant: Speculative Fiction

January 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Final Fantasy should just end. It isn’t even fantasy any more, its all science fiction with machines and future stuff (Edited for spelling).

I came across this quote while browsing through a gaming  forum, and it really ticked me off. It appears the stupid is contagious, and others began agreeing with this statement. This woefully incorrect statement.

I don’t much care for Final Fantasy, and have not played many of the console games. I don’t particularly care for the franchise, but I don’t think it deserves to end just yet – it’s a family name to a whole range of different universes and stories by the same studio. I’m not about to stand up say any of them are bad without playing them.

However, Final Fantasy is not the point – the point is the poster made, mistakenly, about the genre.

Read more…

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