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November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Added Slark! There is also now a chatwheel for people who don’t have mics to abuse.

The International 2 now has a short documentary about it. It’s OK. I think compLexity got too much screen time for being knocked out so early, where even though 7/8 teams in the top 8 were Chinese not a lot of interviews were from them. Maybe it’s about who works well with the camera. Or who the audience is expected to be. Also no caster interviews which felt kind of weird.

Played some Reverse Captains Mode with friends the last two days where you draft the opposition’s team for them. It’s alright. Truthfully, the skill level of my friends are so wildly different in some cases that the teams are usually straight imbalanced. Still had a lot of fun with some people being funny in the casting slots while we were playing.

@ECHOcasts is now about the next Borderlands 2 DLC, featuring MISTER TORGUE, who appears to be a nice guy who likes explosions. It also makes looking at past tweets look weird when a character account changes. Guys, it’s just as easy to make a new one, you’re basically saying this is an advertisement and not a character twitter. That a shame, I liked General Knoxx’s twitter. Also I’m un-following you feel bad about it.

I went on TVTropes this morning and spoiled the plot of Little Busters! for myself, which is basically the realisation that I’m checking if the show has a payoff before I drop it. I just don’t care about Riki and his friends. I thought they were going to play baseball, not do stupid sidequests with repressed-memory-girl-with-the-annoying-voice.

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November 14, 2012 Leave a comment

As I write this, Diretide has still not ended. I want my courier(s), but I still like the practically free items you get for playing. Played with pubs this morning, and won every game because we were all pretty good and had decent teamwork. Nobody raged at mistakes, but there weren’t very many. Which is more than I can say about what happens when I play with friends sometimes.

The Dark Brotherhood sent me on a story quest… to clear a dungeon and kill a boss. Sigh. The random contracts from Narfi are much cooler than killing a guy who the questgiver tells us is bad, but just to make sure it’s OK for us to kill him he lives in the middle of nowhere with bandits. Bandits are bad. Upon returning to Sanctuary I was instructed to hide inside a coffin (with the remains of our demigod) to eavesdrop on a Jester who is mad. I’d like to say it accomplished nothing but freaking me out a little but apparently whoever wrote these cutscenes thought important story points were happening here. Herp derp, Astrid doesn’t believe in the Night Mother or whoever (but still prays to Sithis? OK…) and instructs me to ignore my heavenly orders to go do more menial work for Narfi. It’s alright Astrid, I like Narfi. You’re the one who’s weird.

Skyfall doesn’t come out in NZ for another week and a half but the trailer looks awesome and the internet can’t stop telling me it’s good and I want to go see it please stop gushing and give me a ticket.

Finished the C Rank Ex Stage on Overworld, and now just finishing the D stages without any of the Generation Breaks because I really want to get to the end of the campaign for some of those post-game units. And it’s getting to the point of 2-3 hour length missions where my PSP battery life is less than 2 hours.


November 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Something I forgot to mention yesterday; Desert Bus 6 is now open for donations. Can’t wait for this year’s bussing. Ten days to go!

I saw Looper recently. Good film. The time travel is weird and doesn’t quite work… but it’s internally consistent and works as a plot device for the character drama the film is really about. Honestly I didn’t even mind when watching it. I still think it’s good even if the time travel is weird. Which got me thinking about Stable Time Loops (of which Looper is not one), and I can’t help but feel that the episode Blink of the new Doctor Who series is probably my favourite example of it despite it containing a paradox – but then time travel works differently from episode to episode depending on the author. I love time travel plots in SF. Harry Potter had a fun one in book 3, and HPMoR turns that right up to 11.

I was thinking about plot holes and stuff after reading this, which was a response to this, which was a response to the critques of this. Folks, the Internet. Also, no I didn’t read a 12000 word article in full caps. I skimmed it.

I think after Diretide ends I will be playing much less DotA2. I mean less than I was playing before the event started. Played some regular games with friends last night. I’m not mad that you get mad at me for being out of position or mistiming a skill. I get that. I’m not a pro player, I can learn from mistakes. But you can’t expect me to be Dendi or SexyBamboe level Windrunner. But when I call you out on your stuff, you can’t ignore criticism because you think I’m a worse player than you. Go back and look. You made just as many mistakes as I did. Nothing gives you the right to try and wave your ‘skill level is below mine so your feedback is pointless’ attitude especially when your skill level isn’t above mine.

I guess I’ve started only playing for the cosmetic item drops. I like dressing up my character. I hate the community. I still enjoy watching the pro matches. I don’t think I can ever quit, but I can certainly play less.

I need a new game but I don’t even know what I want to play.

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November 3, 2012 Leave a comment

I got sucked back into Diretide. It’s still tolerable when I play with friends, not that we’ve won any games. But the guaranteed hat drops are nice. The games were interrupted today by a small patch;

– Roshan does not appreciate being sheeped.

Ok. If you say so. So glad I had to stop, patch and restart so that Tinker could no longer be effective at killing Roshan. Why not fix Axe’s ability to grief instead?

Been playing some SD Gundam Overworld.

I’d call it badass, but Borderlands has ruined that word for me. Instead; this is Awesome.

I’m thinking of making this picture my DP for twitter, but then I realised I can’t find the image I’m currently using and I like that one too.

Greg King is dead. The police say it isn’t suspicious. My mother likes to tell me its a cover-up, a conspiracy if you will. Whatever. Why would you kill the lawyer of all people? It’s just his job, someone had to defend Ewen Macdonald. And on the other hand I trust the police. Someone has to.

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November 2, 2012 2 comments

Well, I’m done with Diretide. Got what I came for.

I could keep going for some “Unusual” modifiers but it took 40ish games to get the 9 drops to make this. I’ve had enough. The game mode isn’t even very good – it snowballs way too quickly to justify the 20 minutes spent playing, even though it’s shorter than just every DotA 2 match I’ve ever played. It seriously needed something to end the game once a team got say; 80 candies. Or 70. Nothing is more tedious than knowing that something is a waste of time while you do it.

Truthfully: I am the sucker. I spent two days on this. Somebody got something out of that time spent and it was hardly me. At least I made some new friends.

Which also means I haven’t played XCOM in a while. I’ve just finished the Satellite I started on day one.

Halloween was a thing. It happened. To other people. I’m also suffering from a MtG-related drafting withdrawal. You know, I would have really enjoyed a DII draft on Thursday night. Would have been in the spirit of things.

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October 29, 2012 Leave a comment

One exam done. I think my nails are shorter.

Anywho, it hasn’t been long since Centaur arrived but rebalancing has already begun with 6.76c!

* Stampede cooldown increased from 65 to 120/90/60
* Stampede duration rescaled from 3/4/5 to 3.75
* Stampede damage slightly reworked from 100/150/200 + 2x str to 0 + 1/2/3x str (no base damage)
* Stampede mancost increased from 50 to 80
* Stampede AoE reduced from 120 to 105
* Drow’s base armor decreased by 2
* Marksmanship focus AoE increased from 375 to 400
* Last Word manacost from 100 to 115
* Living Armor cooldown and duration decreased from from 20 to 15
* Living Armor manacost decreased 30/35/40/45 to 25

Important thing to note is that Centaur is not being added to Captain’s Mode, so basically being kept out of the pro competition games until his mere presence doesn’t swing the game heavily in either team’s favour.

Saw the Iron Man 3 trailer yesterday. Seems cool. No idea what’s going on but Twitter tells me The Mandarin is the villain and he’s Iron Man’s nemesis or something so it should be good right? I mean, The Dark Knight had the Joker in it and it was amazing.

Finally got some of the 00 movie units in SD Gundam Overworld, and am sharply reminded that this is a sequel to a Wii port with the same engine when the GN missile spam makes my PSP lag. Too many particle effects!

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October 25, 2012 Leave a comment

So to start things off, this is very nice and I very much can’t wait for tomorrow. Was hoping for more than one hero, but seeing as it’s the one I’ve been waiting for and I can’t really see myself playing Medusa or Slark, three cheers all around for Valve.

Some drama on Twitter about Drama this morning which reminded me of when I used to take Drama in college. Had a good year 11 with my class, ended on a high note with a good grade nobody expected (I was one of only 3 people to get an E for the final internal assessment), but didn’t take it any further. There were like at least 8 divas in the class who wanted to be the star of whatever and have everyone else support them, and also because I think all the males basically dropped it as well (except one guy who clearly wanted to be the only guy in a class full of girls. He swapped classes pretty early into year 12 XD)

They should have really called it Theatre Studies or something else.

Up to date on the Sword Art Online anime again. Jeez. In the first game he has all the knowledge of a Beta Tester and quickly out-levels to become stronger than everyone. In game two, he has all his skills ported over because no one can be bothered playing from a beginners perspective it seems. Show is still about an overpowered main character who white knights all the ladies. I watched Kaze no Stigma a long time ago. I still watch Gundam. SAO is just… boring. I’m told the light novels are better but the anime is killing any interest I have in picking them up.


October 24, 2012 Leave a comment


So anyway, DotA changelog 6.76 came out a few days ago, followed by this discussion this morning about it. Also, this post is going to be about DotA2 if your eyes needed averting. Read more…

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