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November 6, 2012 Leave a comment

What a day for internet videos huh?

The end of RvB season 10! A heartwarming finale. Also it contains the trailer for Monty Oum’s new RWBY series, which involves…. you know what. Just go watch it. (Starts at about 14:10) So much awesome. And shotgun racking.

The beginning of Season 3 of Rapidfire! Hooray!

And lastly, a new episode of Errant Signal about Dishonored.

Played a game of Momir today on MTGO, was losing to some really good cards until I played a Platinum Emperion. Then waited for 15 lands. My opponent scooped while I was trying to cast Emrakul. Aww.

Battlefield 1942 is now available for free. Except it needs Origin so nevermind.

Dotcom wants to resurrect the project to build a second fibre cable between NZ and the US. He wants to help fund it by suing Hollywood. Nice sentiment I suppose. But suing Hollywood? Really?

That’s probably enough links. Back to studying.

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Avacyn Restored (AVR) Pre-Release Impressions

April 28, 2012 1 comment

The set is still new, and the cards are fresh. I played a lot of games today at the pre-release and did kind of average (2-3-1), but it was fun to play with all the new mechanics like Soulbond and Miracle. This post is about the cards, commons and uncommons, that really stood out as good cards (but weren’t the obvious really good cards like Pillar of Flame or Mist Raven). Lets begin. Read more…

Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #11

April 23, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s the last DII draft (probably). Avacyn Restored (AVR) has it’s pre-release this Saturday, and with the Launch Party the week after I don’t think I have the funds to draft the last DII as well. Not that I’m complaining, the AVR set looks sweeeet and I can’t wait to play it.

Cards you don’t know can be searched here or here.

Anyway, this week I drafted B/W. Beacuse… Read more…

Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #10

April 17, 2012 1 comment

Woah double digits. Must mean the end of an era very soon, with Avacyn Restored releasing at the beginning of May. Some great cards tonight, again some I’ve never drafted before. This draft, I went for the ever-agrro, heavy removal R/B. Card scans for stuff you don’t recognise can be found here or here. Read more…

Dark Ascension (DKA) Drafts #8 and #9

April 12, 2012 Leave a comment

Not too much detail this week. As always, you can find cards here and here.

Played on Good Friday (weird I know), played a G/W with Gavony Township and Feed the Pack as main win condition cards. Good looking combo for many, many strong wolves. Lost games due to, well, everyone drawing way better rares than I did. Got rare-stomped. Gavony is cool, Bloodline Keeper is better. Olivia Voldaren is better. Angel of Flight Alabaster is… debatable if it’s better. Opened prize pack (1 booster prize even for last place) of ISD to get…. Stony Silence. Worst draft in a long time. Read more…

Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #7

April 2, 2012 Leave a comment

Spent today looking forward to a triple DKA draft (ugh!) but last-minute Innistrad box! Hooray for DII!

Again, see a card name you don’t understand? Use here or here.

First pack I opened had Hellrider, Immerwolf and Drogskol Captain. I agonized for at least a minute about it (oops) but took the spirit captain to try out the U/W deck. And it worked, lots of Spirits and Humans. Got the secret tech going with 2 Invisible Stalkers and a Butcher’s Cleaver, 2 Fiend Hunters with Saving Grasp, 2 Silent Departures and Drogskol Captain with Midnight Haunting. Good deck. Even the Immerwolf tabled which kind of makes me regret not playing the werewolves, but I did that one already.

Round 1: Match 1 went Captain, Midnight Haunting, gg. Match 2 was going well when my opponent cast Bonds of Faith on my Rampaging Werewolf then played Think Twice on the same turn. Needless to say, he traded a 6/4 for 5/4, and died horribly. (Saw him later play a Bonds on a Lantern Spirit. Wut.)

Round 2: Match 1 won with Cleaver. Gaining at least 4 life on every creature it equips won the game pretty fast, but there was a point where if he top-decked a Stromkirk Captain I would have died horribly. Lost M2 and M3 when he dropped a Stromkirk Noble on his turn 1, and I really can’t keep up with a card I can’t block AND get’s stronger every time.

Round 3: Went up against a G/U self mill, but won with Captain both games with Spirit tokens and Spectral Rider/Invisible Stalker. Strong resistance but evasion always gets through in the end.

Never actually got the Grasp or the Cleaver secret tech off :(

2-1, 2 packs! Feels good man.

Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #6

March 26, 2012 2 comments


I am so proud of myself. That’s the first time I’ve gone 3-0 and got top place. Feels good man. Draft was DDI because Auckland has run out of Innistrad. Four packs of DKA to me.

I’m totes lazy tonight, so if you don’t know what the cards are, search them up here or here. Read more…

Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #5

March 19, 2012 Leave a comment

Number 5. My day was so terrible, it could only turn around with a really good drafting experience.

And. Oh my gosh was it good. Read more…

Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #4

March 17, 2012 1 comment

First Friday Night Magic this year kicks off with a DDI draft with ten players in one pod and four rounds. Circumstances. Not ideal, but this week I sit down to force werewolves. I haven’t had the chance to run werewolves, and it’s the tribe I really wanted to try out.

First pack, Curse of Echoes and Hinterland Hermit. Take the Hermit. Second pack pick the Pyreheart Wolf (Lost in the Woods here, what is up?). Third pack; Mondronen Shaman. Aww yeah. What follows is a aggressive 2 drop R/G werewolf deck, supported by a Jar of Eyeballs in pack 2 and a Gavony Township(!) in pack 3 with some nice Hunger of the Howlpacks and Wild Hungers to get in the damage.

Round 1: Went up against U/B Zombies, with several Highborn Ghouls being fetched out by Call to the Kindred. Won M1, lost M2, won M3 when opponent flooded.

Round 2: Paired down (lame) against possibly the worst player in the pod, a rare drafter with a four colour deck. Lost M1 to a Highborn Ghoul powered with Increasing Savagery, but I would have lost to that flashbacked on anything, escpecially considering I drew nothing but land after T6. Easily won M2 and M3.

Round 3: Mirror match against the only other werewolf deck in the pod, except he got the single Immerwolf in 20 boosters. I flooded both games, but I still think he had a better deck than mine, Immerwolf is just super strong as a lord especially when he removes the downside of werewolves flipping back.

Round 4: Another U/B deck. Lost M1 to flooding after turn 5 and a Soul Seizer stealing my Shaman. Won M2 when we both flooded the entire game but I had a flipped Hermit on the field, he scooped on turn 7.  Both of us mulliganed to 6 in M3, and both stuck on two lands for 5 turns each, except I had a flipped Hermit and a Dawntreader Elk swinging in, and he scooped when my lands came first.

All up 3-1. Came third because the other player who got 3-1 didn’t get paired down in R2. :\ Got this months FNM card Tectonic Edge (beautiful art), and 2 DKA boosters netting me my first Strangleroot Geist and a Gravecrawler.

Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #3

March 12, 2012 Leave a comment



This is what happens when you draft a good deck but the gods of luck hate you.


The deck contained:

Strong white and green human 2 drops. Picking Loyal Cathar on pack 2 and 3 meant that everyone around me steered clear of white allowing me to supplement it with two Midnight Hauntings, Elder Cathar, Hamlet Captain, and decent equipment (but no cleaver). Flayer of the Hatebound was my first pick, comboing well with Loyal Cathar, Young Wolf, and many other cards that disliked staying in the graveyard. Picked up Garruk Relentless in pack 3. Rounding out with splashing red for Flayer and Brimstone Volley, it looked to be a good deck. Read more…