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November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Added Slark! There is also now a chatwheel for people who don’t have mics to abuse.

The International 2 now has a short documentary about it. It’s OK. I think compLexity got too much screen time for being knocked out so early, where even though 7/8 teams in the top 8 were Chinese not a lot of interviews were from them. Maybe it’s about who works well with the camera. Or who the audience is expected to be. Also no caster interviews which felt kind of weird.

Played some Reverse Captains Mode with friends the last two days where you draft the opposition’s team for them. It’s alright. Truthfully, the skill level of my friends are so wildly different in some cases that the teams are usually straight imbalanced. Still had a lot of fun with some people being funny in the casting slots while we were playing.

@ECHOcasts is now about the next Borderlands 2 DLC, featuring MISTER TORGUE, who appears to be a nice guy who likes explosions. It also makes looking at past tweets look weird when a character account changes. Guys, it’s just as easy to make a new one, you’re basically saying this is an advertisement and not a character twitter. That a shame, I liked General Knoxx’s twitter. Also I’m un-following you feel bad about it.

I went on TVTropes this morning and spoiled the plot of Little Busters! for myself, which is basically the realisation that I’m checking if the show has a payoff before I drop it. I just don’t care about Riki and his friends. I thought they were going to play baseball, not do stupid sidequests with repressed-memory-girl-with-the-annoying-voice.

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November 15, 2012 Leave a comment

And now, for some links.

2 days until Desert Bus For Hope!

Some funny advertising posters about advertising.

The Borderlands 2 Bee shield finally receives a nerf  in the 1.20 patch:

  • Amplify damage from Amplify Shields is now divided among all projectiles fired from a single shot.
  • Balance adjustments to “The Bee”:
    • Increased Recharge Delay
    • Significantly increased Recharge Rate
    • Reduced Amplify damage

The old Bee shield.

The new Bee shield.

This is the same shield by the way, screenshots taken before and after patch. Big nerfs, an annoying buzzing sound and now using shotguns with the Bee is kind of a waste of time since the amplify damage gets shared among the bullets fired per shot. Which was kind of why it was awesome.

Do you remember Borderlands 1? Do you remember having those big, awesome end-game guns that destroyed everyone fairly easily when you were bored and wanted some bandits to gib? Borderlands 2 doesn’t have that. It’s just one long grind for ‘Legendary’ weapons whose drop rates are rather legendary. Sorry guys, I love the game but it lacks endgame. No decent raid dungeons/bosses. I can’t just go around looting to see new weapons like the New Haven run because there’s no chests that easy to farm.

Honestly, my playing really dropped off when I finally admitted to myself the cool loot was not going to drop as often as the first game. Still not buying into any DLC until more details. Season pass feels expensive for the opportunity to perform more grinding.

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October 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Some Golden Keys for Borderlands 2 were handed out this weekend, so I spent mine.

For the love of.. why do half my keys open useless grenades?

6 keys – 1 E-Tech Shotgun which is meh but at least Fire damage, 3 chests containing mostly mod-less grenades and the last two had pistols.

(“Hey wait a minute!” you cried out as you saw all the downward red arrows on my equipped grenade, to which I say my equipped grenade is Homing Sticky Slag Transfusion and will only be replaced by a more effective version of the same mods.)

So, knowing my luck couldn’t get any worse, I spent 5 million on the slots.

Running two machines at once for twice the loss.

Probably not going to play this game for a while now.