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November 19, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Still watching Desert Bus. It’s so much better this year with all these surprise driver failures :)

Finished the Overworld LAST Stage today, which means I unlocked all the overpowered post-game units. Like the Queen Amerias – which has 20% bonus damage, damage reduction and HP restored per turn (with 50k total HP!), immunity to MAP attacks, +10 to all unit stats if it’s HP drops below 50%, a shield and if it dies (how?) it turns into a slightly weaker unit with full HP and EN on top of the ability to do this manually! And then there is the ever-OP Dark History Turn A Gundam.

I can buy multiples of these.

Time for HELL mode and I’ve still got 4 unique stages left to complete on top of that.

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