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Had a lot of fun reading this today about the 29 steps to get your Hollywood picture green-lit. Hilarious.

Started the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim. Everyone in the country knows the Arentino boy is doing the Black Sacrament which is the magic hoodoo way of contracting a reaper, but the kid assumes the first person to enter his home is the assassin he asked for. Why couldn’t I be a simple mercenary here to take him back to the orphanage?

The first quest is to kill Grelod, a woman so evil she has 1HP and dies to anything, and regardless of how many people see you kill her you won’t get any bounty and nobody really cares you killed her. The children cheered for me. Informed flaws are fun. Then I got given a plate without any food on it which I sold for 10 arrows.

Second was after falling asleep in Breezehome I was kidnapped and taken to a cabin half the map away where I was asked to kill one of three people who had a contract on their head. The first was a rapist, so I killed him. I couldn’t speech check the second so I killed her. The third was a mercenary who gets ‘carried away’ so I killed him too. And then I took an Executioner’s Hood for a hat.

Congrats, now you’re in the Dark Brotherhood. Go kill these three people while you wait for next story mission. Just by fast-travelling I met them all at night, asleep and unprotected. So yeah.

I like how I’m being eased into this. It’s not difficult yet, but I feel that soon actual planning may have to be involved.

atoD 2 started today. It was alright. Not as exciting as last time since 6.75 buffed so many heroes. Just Huskar, Zeus, Shadow Fiend and Kunkka every game.

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Over Overworld

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The following post is about SD Gundam G Generation Overworld and it’s predecessor World for the PSP.

Getting kinda over Overworld. Sure, ranged characters no longer do way less damage compared to melee-based characters, but multi-lock got nerfed and multi-hit attacks got removed causing some seriously weird overlap in unit attacks which in most cases, majorly nerfed units (like Phoenix Gundam). Some units have more streamlined attacks and are better units for it, but in cases like the GNX and the Destiny Gundam their sprites now carry weapons they don’t use. It bugs me. On top of that there is nearly a blanket removal of alternate modes like TRANS-AM or MEPE, with the only survivors being the Unicorn/Banshee NT-D mode because thei series is the most recent. Lots of units lost their transformation ability, which hasn’t bothered me yet. Gundam AGE was hyped to be in the game, yet all the units are solely from the first generation and they all kind of suck.

On top of this, the GN missiles and similar high particle attacks still lag my PSP. Boo. Especially the 00 movie mechs whose sole purpose is to out-particle the TV series.

Yet, I still play this game because there is better character creation and ranged-based characters no longer suck. To explain, in World characters at Super High Tension could get 4x bonus damage with melee attacks, while ranged attacks got stuck at 1.5x regular crit no matter what. Now it’s about 3x for both which is much better because no longer can a single unit go Infinite Move/Unlimited Energy/Consumable part that gives max tension and win a map in one player turn. Well, Turn A can still do it because Moonlight Butterfly. But at least there’s a reason to have good ranged units now.

The upside about Overworld compared to World is instead of one campaign with a hard mode, there are three smaller campaigns with hard mode. Overworld has more total unique missions so that’s nice. And there are some nice new units to play with. It’s not all bad. Which is why I’m still playing it I suppose.

It is both new AND cool. And for some reason the legs are animated separately to the rest of the robot.



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Ancient Egyptian D20s! It doesn’t really surprise me considering how old dice games are. And the understanding of geometric shapes with equal lines. And other math things. It bothers me that all the news reports about it tend toward “hurr durr ancient egyptian dungeons and dragons”. Pretty sure they didn’t.

On a related note, my blog gets most of its hits from people going to the Making DnD Characters posts I made. Probably should do another one then, but since no one leaves comments I don’t know why anyone is reaching those posts.

Played some more Skyrim, recently finishing the questline about the College of Winterhold. Which marks only the fourth major questline I’ve completed since the game was released. I guess I feel that Skyrim’s storytelling is pretty poor and expects the player to fill in most of the blanks which is not really what I want. I like the shiny new armor you get from finishing quests though.

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Finished my last exam.

Opened 3 Ravnica boosters – Pithing Needle, Rest in Peace, Fireminds Foresight. I’ve opened a box worth of boosters and seen only 1 mythic :| I have no luck with this set.

The Navy SEALS that contributed to created Warfighter are being punished. Well, I think it’s funny. This game has been lose-lose for everyone.

Busy day; short post. Maybe more another time.

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10 years since Firefly began huh? A documentary about the series is coming out along with some social media boosted advertising. Then I started re-watching the series and I remembered why I love it so much. As SF goes, its representation of how space works is more accurate than stuff like Battlestar Galatica. As a western, I like the politics and the setting. As characters go, I really like how there is a focus on family.

I also really like how none of them die.

Which is why I’m not a fan of the film Serenity, which goes out of its way to kill some of the main cast. Whedon states in the interview in the special features that major characters would have died off if the series had not be cancelled. But why? Why do characters have to die? Nothing kills my interest in a show faster than killing of the people I found myself wanting to watch. This same reason is why my response to the Game of Thrones television series is so on the fence, some POV characters I enjoy watching and others just sit on screen and waste my time. And then some of them die.

I don’t see any reason a SF show like Firefly can’t focus on its characters without killing them. But I can’t exactly point to any examples where it has been done well because for some reason SF shows = fantasy drama. And drama on TV is killing people.

Oh wait, I just thought of any example. The Ur-example. The Lord of the Rings. Which main characters die in LotR? Gandalf, but he gets better. Gollum does but right at the end of the story and his death is meaningful. Boromir? He isn’t even a POV character. LotR gets through 3 books/films teaching you about major characters without killing any of them off just to motivate more character drama in the survivors. Possibly writers haven’t learned from this, but death does not need to be the only force for drama.

Grand Theft Auto V has had some information released. There are now 3 protagonists. None of them are female. Chance of purchasing the game: basically zero.

Despite seeing it at Armageddon, episode 57 of YugiohTAS is finally live on youtube.

Edit: And I even got the date wrong.

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Introspective Murder Simulators

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Yahtzee made a video today about Modern Warfare: Warfighter about how it’s a bad game that hand-holds you through its single player and will often do things for you if you take too long. Although, this isn’t surprising since the Modern Shooter genre has done this before; this video made 2 years ago shows Black Ops players not having to even fire a weapon for the level to finish itself. Is this it? That single player is an admitted waste of time; please give us your (subscription) money and get back on the multiplayer servers?

His video also points out that Spec Ops: The Line kind of accused the Modern Shooter generation of blindly killing everyone and everything until they felt like a hero. Are you feeling  like a mass murderer yet? No? Welcome to the loony bin, you’re a psychopath. Read more…


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Something I forgot to mention yesterday; Desert Bus 6 is now open for donations. Can’t wait for this year’s bussing. Ten days to go!

I saw Looper recently. Good film. The time travel is weird and doesn’t quite work… but it’s internally consistent and works as a plot device for the character drama the film is really about. Honestly I didn’t even mind when watching it. I still think it’s good even if the time travel is weird. Which got me thinking about Stable Time Loops (of which Looper is not one), and I can’t help but feel that the episode Blink of the new Doctor Who series is probably my favourite example of it despite it containing a paradox – but then time travel works differently from episode to episode depending on the author. I love time travel plots in SF. Harry Potter had a fun one in book 3, and HPMoR turns that right up to 11.

I was thinking about plot holes and stuff after reading this, which was a response to this, which was a response to the critques of this. Folks, the Internet. Also, no I didn’t read a 12000 word article in full caps. I skimmed it.

I think after Diretide ends I will be playing much less DotA2. I mean less than I was playing before the event started. Played some regular games with friends last night. I’m not mad that you get mad at me for being out of position or mistiming a skill. I get that. I’m not a pro player, I can learn from mistakes. But you can’t expect me to be Dendi or SexyBamboe level Windrunner. But when I call you out on your stuff, you can’t ignore criticism because you think I’m a worse player than you. Go back and look. You made just as many mistakes as I did. Nothing gives you the right to try and wave your ‘skill level is below mine so your feedback is pointless’ attitude especially when your skill level isn’t above mine.

I guess I’ve started only playing for the cosmetic item drops. I like dressing up my character. I hate the community. I still enjoy watching the pro matches. I don’t think I can ever quit, but I can certainly play less.

I need a new game but I don’t even know what I want to play.

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What a day for internet videos huh?

The end of RvB season 10! A heartwarming finale. Also it contains the trailer for Monty Oum’s new RWBY series, which involves…. you know what. Just go watch it. (Starts at about 14:10) So much awesome. And shotgun racking.

The beginning of Season 3 of Rapidfire! Hooray!

And lastly, a new episode of Errant Signal about Dishonored.

Played a game of Momir today on MTGO, was losing to some really good cards until I played a Platinum Emperion. Then waited for 15 lands. My opponent scooped while I was trying to cast Emrakul. Aww.

Battlefield 1942 is now available for free. Except it needs Origin so nevermind.

Dotcom wants to resurrect the project to build a second fibre cable between NZ and the US. He wants to help fund it by suing Hollywood. Nice sentiment I suppose. But suing Hollywood? Really?

That’s probably enough links. Back to studying.

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It’s November the 5th – Guy Fawkes! I don’t do my own fireworks, but I can see several suburbs from my house so usually I just sit on the balcony and watch the show.

It goes for quite a while.

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So I just finished an older season of Spoiler Warning, this one about Fallout: New Vegas.

I like this season. More freedom than Mass Effect or similar RPGs to really let Josh troll everyone / kill NPCs. And then there was Honest Hearts.  And the Incinerator. If you don’t watch these guys I recommend it, but the episodes/series are kind of long and I get it if it’s not really what you’re into.

I remember when I first saw this game at Uni when someone else was playing it, and it really wasn’t explained to me all that well. If someone had told me that Fallout was The Elder Scrolls; Bad Future I think I would have played it and liked. As is, I won’t probably touch the series until Fallout 4 gets released, not that a LP has ruined the game for me but mostly learning that melee is overpowered and guns aren’t – though that might be due to the host’s opinions and playstyle and not necessarily the case.

It reminds me a lot of Skyrim in the way so many important NPCs are killable, although not so much in Skyrim because certain people at weird times would be immune to death, and for some reason the Lieutenants or whoever ran the random Imperial/Stormcloak camps would always be immortal. Even when the quest chain was completed and you were advised to keep flushing out any pockets of resistance.

The videos bring this point up a lot, and it’s similar to Skyrim in that a lot of the quest lines are kind of stupid and involve making the new guy do important fetch quests in exchange for no respect and small rewards. I think Skyrim succeeds mostly in making quests that are tolerable and don’t ask “Why am I doing this and not someone else?” (unless it’s the Thieves Guild quest chain which is so dumb) but Fallout seems weird in that so many quests are “Do this. Because I need it done.” I think it’s more the saturation of similar quests in video games makes them less tolerable, not that they are bad. The tropes have been worn out. ‘Kill ten rats’ used to be a staple, now the lampshading of ‘kill ten rats’ is the staple.

I hope Spoiler Warning covers Skyrim.