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Stuff Update

January 8, 2011 Leave a comment

New theme! This means it’s time for a blog post.


Project EX2-Y1 :

1: Write prologue

2: Draw Characters

3: Find game engine I like.

4: Feed 1 and 2 into game engine

5: Get BGM and SFX

6: Play movie.

That’s right! The prologue is finished. Although, what I’ve got written is probably going to look a lot different once step 4 takes place.

Step 2 is looking difficult :\ Still not sure whether to go for outside help on the drawing and music.


Zero Resistance :

In progress, as you can tell. Am enjoying it. Are you?


And on top of those, writing a new story, which uses my new Shadowrun character.

Currently titled “The Myrmidon Conspiracy” – that’s still at the storyboard-kind-of step. As in, I know what needs to happen, but there is so much middle missing it just looks like a beginning and end. This should change shortly, trying to at least get it written before my character dies. Hopefully he won’t. He’s too badass in my head.

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My Work Sucks, And So Do I

November 27, 2010 2 comments

It’s been a long time since I published anything. Anywhere.


By Waters Deep: Abandoned

Last Post: August 20

That is 3 months+ ago. Originally, I had expected to be leaving my computer for a while starting September, and I dropped the publishing of the story. I felt that it would set an unreasonable deadline for my work, and a long hiatus. Long Story short, I didn’t leave (and you got to see me at Geddon). I have no current drive to pick up where I left off.


Let’s Play Mafia: Postponed

Last Post: September 16

There is a clear problem here. I have stopped making comics because, while I do find it a little challenging, it’s also frustrating to create.

No, it’s totally worth the smiles you all get from them.

But unfortunately, mafia as you know has died. Nobody posts. When the comics were being made, they were pop culture references. Making more right now feels a little like nostalgia.

Ultimately, I would post more if people were playing. (wink wink, nudge nudge?).


There’s several projects in the middle here which have been postponed for a variety of reasons, but none were ever published anywhere. Some have been ditched. Some have been put on a little “to-do” list, and others simply wait for me to gain skills in a medium not called novelization.


Project EX2-Y1: Active

Last Post: October 28

Haven’t heard from this one for a while (but there will be a new post soon) because world-building is fun.


This is my favourite part of the process, the one where you choose a small set of ideas, and they blossom like a growing plant to all these other things that just make sense to include. And then I find that they start touching all the other ideas I started with.

The world is looking very good right now.

Except for one thing. Which you will hear about soon. Promise.


On a side note, I enjoy Dnd. Nearly positive the rest of the group don’t really enjoy me being there. It feels like all those sports clubs I joined while in college (but outside of the school, obviously) where everyone else in the team knew each other, and I am always the blasted spare wheel.


I’m reaching the point where every group I join doesn’t speak the same language as me.

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Project EX2-Y1: Part 1

October 28, 2010 2 comments

I have been stuck on chapter 3 for a while now. While I was stuck, I thought of a new idea for a narrative.

Then while thinking about that idea, another came to me. This is that idea.

The more I think about it, the less I want to /just/ write it. I want pictures at the very least. So I thought about it some more, and decided that making it into a cartoon or comic is too far ahead of my skill level.

So I’m going to attempt to turn it into a Visual Novel (Or Sound Novel, there will be no voice acting).

Which is a huge project for me to be thinking about really, amongst trying to regularly update my comic and story that I was originally stuck on. But I will press on.


THE GOAL: To turn the story’s prologue into a working VN.

This is only a test. If I don’t like the format, I’ll can it. Still, a lot of work to do. I need to:


1. Find a game engine I can work with. (Atm, would prefer not starting from scratch, but still need to find one that will do what I want.)

2. Write the prologue.

3. Draw the characters/backgrounds/objects etc

4. Make appropriate BGM. (Alternatively, ask for help with this.)

5. Tie it all together.


It looks to be quite a project.

(The number is not my nth project. It is a number that makes sense to me and the story.)