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November 14, 2012 Leave a comment

As I write this, Diretide has still not ended. I want my courier(s), but I still like the practically free items you get for playing. Played with pubs this morning, and won every game because we were all pretty good and had decent teamwork. Nobody raged at mistakes, but there weren’t very many. Which is more than I can say about what happens when I play with friends sometimes.

The Dark Brotherhood sent me on a story quest… to clear a dungeon and kill a boss. Sigh. The random contracts from Narfi are much cooler than killing a guy who the questgiver tells us is bad, but just to make sure it’s OK for us to kill him he lives in the middle of nowhere with bandits. Bandits are bad. Upon returning to Sanctuary I was instructed to hide inside a coffin (with the remains of our demigod) to eavesdrop on a Jester who is mad. I’d like to say it accomplished nothing but freaking me out a little but apparently whoever wrote these cutscenes thought important story points were happening here. Herp derp, Astrid doesn’t believe in the Night Mother or whoever (but still prays to Sithis? OK…) and instructs me to ignore my heavenly orders to go do more menial work for Narfi. It’s alright Astrid, I like Narfi. You’re the one who’s weird.

Skyfall doesn’t come out in NZ for another week and a half but the trailer looks awesome and the internet can’t stop telling me it’s good and I want to go see it please stop gushing and give me a ticket.

Finished the C Rank Ex Stage on Overworld, and now just finishing the D stages without any of the Generation Breaks because I really want to get to the end of the campaign for some of those post-game units. And it’s getting to the point of 2-3 hour length missions where my PSP battery life is less than 2 hours.