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Had a lot of fun reading this today about the 29 steps to get your Hollywood picture green-lit. Hilarious.

Started the Dark Brotherhood questline in Skyrim. Everyone in the country knows the Arentino boy is doing the Black Sacrament which is the magic hoodoo way of contracting a reaper, but the kid assumes the first person to enter his home is the assassin he asked for. Why couldn’t I be a simple mercenary here to take him back to the orphanage?

The first quest is to kill Grelod, a woman so evil she has 1HP and dies to anything, and regardless of how many people see you kill her you won’t get any bounty and nobody really cares you killed her. The children cheered for me. Informed flaws are fun. Then I got given a plate without any food on it which I sold for 10 arrows.

Second was after falling asleep in Breezehome I was kidnapped and taken to a cabin half the map away where I was asked to kill one of three people who had a contract on their head. The first was a rapist, so I killed him. I couldn’t speech check the second so I killed her. The third was a mercenary who gets ‘carried away’ so I killed him too. And then I took an Executioner’s Hood for a hat.

Congrats, now you’re in the Dark Brotherhood. Go kill these three people while you wait for next story mission. Just by fast-travelling I met them all at night, asleep and unprotected. So yeah.

I like how I’m being eased into this. It’s not difficult yet, but I feel that soon actual planning may have to be involved.

atoD 2 started today. It was alright. Not as exciting as last time since 6.75 buffed so many heroes. Just Huskar, Zeus, Shadow Fiend and Kunkka every game.

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