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November 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

The following post is about SD Gundam G Generation Overworld and it’s predecessor World for the PSP.

Getting kinda over Overworld. Sure, ranged characters no longer do way less damage compared to melee-based characters, but multi-lock got nerfed and multi-hit attacks got removed causing some seriously weird overlap in unit attacks which in most cases, majorly nerfed units (like Phoenix Gundam). Some units have more streamlined attacks and are better units for it, but in cases like the GNX and the Destiny Gundam their sprites now carry weapons they don’t use. It bugs me. On top of that there is nearly a blanket removal of alternate modes like TRANS-AM or MEPE, with the only survivors being the Unicorn/Banshee NT-D mode because thei series is the most recent. Lots of units lost their transformation ability, which hasn’t bothered me yet. Gundam AGE was hyped to be in the game, yet all the units are solely from the first generation and they all kind of suck.

On top of this, the GN missiles and similar high particle attacks still lag my PSP. Boo. Especially the 00 movie mechs whose sole purpose is to out-particle the TV series.

Yet, I still play this game because there is better character creation and ranged-based characters no longer suck. To explain, in World characters at Super High Tension could get 4x bonus damage with melee attacks, while ranged attacks got stuck at 1.5x regular crit no matter what. Now it’s about 3x for both which is much better because no longer can a single unit go Infinite Move/Unlimited Energy/Consumable part that gives max tension and win a map in one player turn. Well, Turn A can still do it because Moonlight Butterfly. But at least there’s a reason to have good ranged units now.

The upside about Overworld compared to World is instead of one campaign with a hard mode, there are three smaller campaigns with hard mode. Overworld has more total unique missions so that’s nice. And there are some nice new units to play with. It’s not all bad. Which is why I’m still playing it I suppose.

It is both new AND cool. And for some reason the legs are animated separately to the rest of the robot.


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