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Ancient Egyptian D20s! It doesn’t really surprise me considering how old dice games are. And the understanding of geometric shapes with equal lines. And other math things. It bothers me that all the news reports about it tend toward “hurr durr ancient egyptian dungeons and dragons”. Pretty sure they didn’t.

On a related note, my blog gets most of its hits from people going to the Making DnD Characters posts I made. Probably should do another one then, but since no one leaves comments I don’t know why anyone is reaching those posts.

Played some more Skyrim, recently finishing the questline about the College of Winterhold. Which marks only the fourth major questline I’ve completed since the game was released. I guess I feel that Skyrim’s storytelling is pretty poor and expects the player to fill in most of the blanks which is not really what I want. I like the shiny new armor you get from finishing quests though.

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