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Something I forgot to mention yesterday; Desert Bus 6 is now open for donations. Can’t wait for this year’s bussing. Ten days to go!

I saw Looper recently. Good film. The time travel is weird and doesn’t quite work… but it’s internally consistent and works as a plot device for the character drama the film is really about. Honestly I didn’t even mind when watching it. I still think it’s good even if the time travel is weird. Which got me thinking about Stable Time Loops (of which Looper is not one), and I can’t help but feel that the episode Blink of the new Doctor Who series is probably my favourite example of it despite it containing a paradox – but then time travel works differently from episode to episode depending on the author. I love time travel plots in SF. Harry Potter had a fun one in book 3, and HPMoR turns that right up to 11.

I was thinking about plot holes and stuff after reading this, which was a response to this, which was a response to the critques of this. Folks, the Internet. Also, no I didn’t read a 12000 word article in full caps. I skimmed it.

I think after Diretide ends I will be playing much less DotA2. I mean less than I was playing before the event started. Played some regular games with friends last night. I’m not mad that you get mad at me for being out of position or mistiming a skill. I get that. I’m not a pro player, I can learn from mistakes. But you can’t expect me to be Dendi or SexyBamboe level Windrunner. But when I call you out on your stuff, you can’t ignore criticism because you think I’m a worse player than you. Go back and look. You made just as many mistakes as I did. Nothing gives you the right to try and wave your ‘skill level is below mine so your feedback is pointless’ attitude especially when your skill level isn’t above mine.

I guess I’ve started only playing for the cosmetic item drops. I like dressing up my character. I hate the community. I still enjoy watching the pro matches. I don’t think I can ever quit, but I can certainly play less.

I need a new game but I don’t even know what I want to play.

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