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What a day for internet videos huh?

The end of RvB season 10! A heartwarming finale. Also it contains the trailer for Monty Oum’s new RWBY series, which involves…. you know what. Just go watch it. (Starts at about 14:10) So much awesome. And shotgun racking.

The beginning of Season 3 of Rapidfire! Hooray!

And lastly, a new episode of Errant Signal about Dishonored.

Played a game of Momir today on MTGO, was losing to some really good cards until I played a Platinum Emperion. Then waited for 15 lands. My opponent scooped while I was trying to cast Emrakul. Aww.

Battlefield 1942 is now available for free. Except it needs Origin so nevermind.

Dotcom wants to resurrect the project to build a second fibre cable between NZ and the US. He wants to help fund it by suing Hollywood. Nice sentiment I suppose. But suing Hollywood? Really?

That’s probably enough links. Back to studying.

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