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I got sucked back into Diretide. It’s still tolerable when I play with friends, not that we’ve won any games. But the guaranteed hat drops are nice. The games were interrupted today by a small patch;

– Roshan does not appreciate being sheeped.

Ok. If you say so. So glad I had to stop, patch and restart so that Tinker could no longer be effective at killing Roshan. Why not fix Axe’s ability to grief instead?

Been playing some SD Gundam Overworld.

I’d call it badass, but Borderlands has ruined that word for me. Instead; this is Awesome.

I’m thinking of making this picture my DP for twitter, but then I realised I can’t find the image I’m currently using and I like that one too.

Greg King is dead. The police say it isn’t suspicious. My mother likes to tell me its a cover-up, a conspiracy if you will. Whatever. Why would you kill the lawyer of all people? It’s just his job, someone had to defend Ewen Macdonald. And on the other hand I trust the police. Someone has to.

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