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October 28, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Some Golden Keys for Borderlands 2 were handed out this weekend, so I spent mine.

For the love of.. why do half my keys open useless grenades?

6 keys – 1 E-Tech Shotgun which is meh but at least Fire damage, 3 chests containing mostly mod-less grenades and the last two had pistols.

(“Hey wait a minute!” you cried out as you saw all the downward red arrows on my equipped grenade, to which I say my equipped grenade is Homing Sticky Slag Transfusion and will only be replaced by a more effective version of the same mods.)

So, knowing my luck couldn’t get any worse, I spent 5 million on the slots.

Running two machines at once for twice the loss.

Probably not going to play this game for a while now.

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