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Centaur Warrunner came out yesterday.

So new.

This was captured about 11am. Hopefully the win rate will settle down after a week.

That is the highest Win Rate of played heroes and highest number of matches played from this site that tracks that sort of thing. Sitting back from a statistics point of view, any game where he is picked gives his team a  2/3 chance of winning. In actuality that’s not true, it’s more that people have gone in to play with a combo in mind, but not a counter, so whoever picks the Centaur gets the planning advantage.

I got to play with Centaur for a bit – still as fun as his old version but now with team-face-smashing ability. The buffed Drow Ranger is also good too, despite having all the same problems as before.

Now for Magic cards stuff – Wizards of the Coast defeat the Community team in this year’s Community Cup. Aww. Still no Toolbox for Android. Double Aww.

Finished Horizon S2 last night. No idea what happened but the music was lively and people may have been having magic battles so I’m OK with this. But there is still way too much talking in a battle of spellcasters and fighting and not getting hit.

Why does this scene make the whole show worth it?

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