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Polygon came out yesterday, and by came out I mean they finished rebranding and relaunching and moving to their own domain with a new name.

Seriously though? That front page is horrible. When I open the website I can see four whole headlines before I have to touch my mouse. Four. Just wow. For fun I tried opening the page on my Android and it’s even worse – the page doesn’t fit and it’s cut part of the left hand side off. It is not a welcoming sight (site. Ha!).

Polygon would like to thank The Academy and all these random other people for helping them become yet another gaming magazine on the internet. No thanks. Half of it reads like what they have is groundbreaking. You have a specific forum for Mass Effect 3? So does Reddit. Pretty sure Reddit gets more views.

I looked at the review section. I didn’t read the reviews when the scores are already all over the place. If this is a world where Minecraft gets a 7 and ME3/Diablo 3 gets a 10, I don’t really want to join. For your information, I would rate Minecraft around 9 and ME3/D3 about 8-9 if you consider a 5 to be a totally average and playable game and not an 8/80 is average Metacritic’ rating. What AAA game doesn’t get more than 80 on Metacritic that isn’t just straight up universally loathed? Borderlands 2 is good but that totally only deserves a 7/10, maybe 7.5. I’ve gone off topic POINT IS that I don’t give any credit to Polygon’s ratings yet.

I’m probably being more negative about it than they deserve, but it’s just another review/news site to clog my social medias with links and plugs I didn’t need. Seriously do not need another news site to deliver the same piece of news from the same single source.

On an aside note, Orcon is moving their NZ call centre to the Philippines  So when my internet cuts out I can call the Philippines to- no wait still can’t because it’s an internet phone. And they update their WEBSITE about outages. Guys, and I’m talking to all internet providers here, when your internet goes down how about paying for a little scrolling bar at the bottom of the TV to tell us? Or maybe a Radio Station could update on outages? That way I could tell if the outage is at my end or someone drove a car into a lamppost or if your end is mucked up.

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