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So to start things off, this is very nice and I very much can’t wait for tomorrow. Was hoping for more than one hero, but seeing as it’s the one I’ve been waiting for and I can’t really see myself playing Medusa or Slark, three cheers all around for Valve.

Some drama on Twitter about Drama this morning which reminded me of when I used to take Drama in college. Had a good year 11 with my class, ended on a high note with a good grade nobody expected (I was one of only 3 people to get an E for the final internal assessment), but didn’t take it any further. There were like at least 8 divas in the class who wanted to be the star of whatever and have everyone else support them, and also because I think all the males basically dropped it as well (except one guy who clearly wanted to be the only guy in a class full of girls. He swapped classes pretty early into year 12 XD)

They should have really called it Theatre Studies or something else.

Up to date on the Sword Art Online anime again. Jeez. In the first game he has all the knowledge of a Beta Tester and quickly out-levels to become stronger than everyone. In game two, he has all his skills ported over because no one can be bothered playing from a beginners perspective it seems. Show is still about an overpowered main character who white knights all the ladies. I watched Kaze no Stigma a long time ago. I still watch Gundam. SAO is just… boring. I’m told the light novels are better but the anime is killing any interest I have in picking them up.

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