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I have a blog which I occasionally forget that I have. Since I’m supposed to be studying and not distracting myself with something new I’m posting here and totally not distracting myself. Totally.

The goal is to post daily. Lets see how bad I can make it.

So today I want to talk about… Armageddon Expo that happened this past Labour Weekend. It was a thing. I bought all 50 episodes of Zeta Gundam and now I am poor(er).

Once again the main show floor was mostly taken up with booths from EA, Activision etc; showcasing games and stuff. Every year my hopes get up, and then are dashed when I’m reminded Geddon is not a games expo. The people manning these booths are PR guys and booth babes – and yes, the binary gender roles were also true. Which means nobody could answer me when I asked whose dumb idea was to call the next Modern Warfare game ‘Warfighter’. Do you fight the ‘war’? The whole war? Is there politics? Or have they simply given up pretending you are a soldier and not actually Superman/Jesus armed with a LMG?

So apart from Modern Shooter 2013, not much actually new on the floor. Most stuff had already been released or was a copy/expansion of a previously released title – heres looking at you Ass Creed and Dance In Public and PS3 SmashBrosWhichIsTotallyNotARipoff. Alienware had a stand for XCOM and Borderlands 2 but the laptops were having trouble running the games XD Good move guys, really showing off the hardware there.

PSVita? More like… no actually I never got a turn. Or on the Wii games. And whatever monstrosity of a Sonic game they were shilling. Why is he in a car when he can run faster than sound? Why don’t you keep the weapons and the course, and just have all the characters running instead of in cars- oh wait that game sucked(It had a mode where two friends/enemies/acquaintances could race OK? It sucked. I rented it that one time I regret.)

Enough about games! There were other things I didn’t see and Guest Stars I didn’t wait in line for autographs for.


Saw the Little Kuriboh panel. Nice guy. Good stuff. Saw the advance screening of episode 57 which was quite funny, and probably funnier in a hall of 2000 or more people laughing at the same parts. Way funnier than whatever melodramatic crap that Frontier people put up. I don’t hate the animation, I hate the ship design, the melodrama, the informal military and the repeated ignorance of how space works. PEOPLE. Fighting in space is different to fighting in atmosphere. Space is big. There is no way military ships would warp INTO fleeing ships unless they were trying to. Spaceships shouldn’t have windows. The Bridge should be somewhere safe inside the ship and not attached to the outside. I could go on about how the whole episode was cringe-worthy but I don’t even have the patience to complain. Good luck to Frontier – Prelude to Darkness to becoming a fully fledged TV show that I won’t watch. Just because I hate it doesn’t mean you can’t succeed.

If you can’t tell I spent most of my day in the Main Stage room. I even had a camera on hand at all times and didn’t remember I could take picture except of that one time I took one of the Cat from Monster Hunter during the parade. Worth it.

Guys, can we not have Matt Gibb next year? He plays the MC role well but you can clearly tell he doesn’t really know who the guests are. Or what anime is. Or who cosplayers are. He brings excitement and lacks depth. It’s not his job to perform on stage but he has difficulty filling time.

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