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Making D&D Characters: Drow 6

I had planned this to be daily, but when I said that I hadn’t been thinking about studying for exams, which I’ve been doing, which has been putting this off. Also, I’ve finished all my exams now.

So equipment. The last part. I divide my spending into three sections, Weapons, Armour and Misc. I want a nice weapon/s to use my Sneak Attack with, armour that improves my Hide/Move Silently stealth approach, and misc refers to all the magic items and basic equipment I might need for dungeon crawling. Having an ECL of 9 allows me to check my DMG and allocate myself 36,000 gold to spend.

First up; Weapons. Drow rogues get a limited choice of weaponry, especially after being focused in ranged combat after part 5. The important weapon to take here is the Light Crossbow, loading it is a move action instead of a full-round action that Heavy Crossbows require. I’m also proficient with Hand Crossbows, but damage is the key here. But I don’t want no ordinary Crossbow, I’m going to buy myself a magic crossbow.

+1 Light Crossbow of Seeking -8,000gp

The enchantment of Seeking negates miss chances when firing at an enemy – if I fire at an enemy square and the enemy is not invisible; the attack will never miss due to any bonuses that can cause miss chances (but I still have to roll a successful attack roll). This also negates any good reason to get Improved Precise Shot unless my weapon usage changes. The +1 necessary enchantment bonus also adds 1 to attack and damage rolls.

Writing this post is becoming seriously difficult…

Next up; Armour. These are Head, Neck, Body, Hands, Ring x2, Belt, Shoes.

+1 Studded Leather Armour of Shadow and Silent Moves -8,500gp

Feel free to point out the incorrect naming convention here, but this Light Armour has no Armour Check Penalty for any physical-based skills, and gives a +5 competence bonus to both Hide and Move Silently. Competence bonuses don’t stack (unless they are from different sources), but this is the only ones I’ve got so far.

Ring of Sustenance -2,500gp

This is more of a role-play item, but this gives the benefit of sleeping 8-hours by only resting for 2. Also useful if your character needs to keep watch on the camp.

Boots of Speed -12,000gp

Click the heels together to cast Haste on yourself for 10 rounds once a day. Wheee! (+30ft move speed, +1 attack roll, +1 dodge bonus, +1 attack when making a full attack.) In actuality the extra attack will be useless as I would need to reload my Crossbow,  if I were to carry multiple weapons this could be useful but mainly the movement speed speaks to my character idea.

Gloves of Dexterity +2 -4,000gp

I like Dexterity.

Miscellaneous Weaponry -315gp

1 Light Crossbow, 1 Heavy Crossbow, 2 Hand Crossbows, 5 Daggers, 1 Rapier. Because our group doesn’t run any weight or encumbrance rules, it never hurts to have spares, or melee weapons for a ranged character, or a heavy crossbow for sniping.

Gear -200gp

Stuff like tents, 10ft poles, blankets, torches etc

Remaining money – 485gp Seems legit.

And now an addendum; I’ve forgotten one thing that applies when rolling stats. For every 4 Character levels, you can put a permanent +1 to any stat. So I’m adding this to my Wis to make the total 16, which increases the mod to +3.


And that’s it. All done, except for any backstory or thematic elements to write down, this character is basically finished. Some interesting statistics for you:

With my Light Crossbow making a Sneak Attack, my damage is 1d8+3d6+8 and my attack roll is d20+12 (but of course making a Sneak Attack denies the enemy some of their AC bonuses as well).

Hide modifier is +28 and Move Silently is +26.

Movement Speed is 40ft, and 70ft under the effect of Haste.

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