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Avacyn Restored (AVR) Pre-Release Impressions

The set is still new, and the cards are fresh. I played a lot of games today at the pre-release and did kind of average (2-3-1), but it was fun to play with all the new mechanics like Soulbond and Miracle. This post is about the cards, commons and uncommons, that really stood out as good cards (but weren’t the obvious really good cards like Pillar of Flame or Mist Raven). Lets begin.

Starting with white, two cards that really came out on top. Goldnight Commander really pumps up the attackers, especially with cards like Thatcher Revolt, Angel’s Tomb and Riot Ringleader. Voice is just a really nice flicker target as well as being big enough to not die despite the 6 CMC.

Gryff Vanguard being a solid flyer, card advantage at an acceptable cmc made it a very good card. Into the Void is just GG.

The most reliable removal in the set (yes really /sigh ) along with the “And it has Undying?!” card.

Hanweir Lancer provides the very powerful First Strike in the same set as Nightshade Peddler and plenty of high power, low toughness creatures for an absolute creature blowout. Kessig Malcontents was a card I got to play in a R/G Humans deck, and it usually entered play with the opponent saying something like “I take how much damage?” or “Why did I just take 4 damage?”. It’s a card I very much want to see a deck built around, and its a flicker target that will quickly end games considering it’s relatively cheap cmc and useful ETB effect.

Joint Assault might be a weird card for the list, you’re probably thinking “Well, I know that card is good, why is not an ‘obvious’ good card?” It’s not just a cheap pump spell. It’s a game ender. It’s 4 extra damage your opponent didn’t see coming. It’s always a good card to drop and screw everything up. Wandering Wolf on the other hand is a card that probably comes down turn 2 and you don’t think too much of it. Then it gets a Power boost (Trusted Forcemage, Druid’s Familiar, Tormentor’s Trident) and its freaking unstoppable.



And what was in the Helvault?

Avacyn Restored D20 Life Counters, Double-sided Angel/Demon tokens and Jumbo versions of the new Legends. I was a little underwhelmed, I thought we’d get to see some cool demon cards of things that had been locked away by Avacyn. Guess not. Personally broke a seal though – 13 achievements in two rounds got me seal #4

  1. Borgorb
    April 29, 2012 at 12:45 am

    Honestly I’m seeing the W/R Humans aggro being a major player, at least in limited. Thatcher Revolt combos well into low and mid range cards, like Riot Ringleader, Vigilante Justice the previously mentioned Goldnight Commander, not to mention the synergy with black, namely Bone Splinters and Blood Artist (which are going to be high picks to begin with). I’m gong to go out on a limb here and say it might be the new travel preps deck type. Personally played my Pre-release with U/R Humans and didn’t do half bad with two Revolts in my deck.

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