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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #11

It’s the last DII draft (probably). Avacyn Restored (AVR) has it’s pre-release this Saturday, and with the Launch Party the week after I don’t think I have the funds to draft the last DII as well. Not that I’m complaining, the AVR set looks sweeeet and I can’t wait to play it.

Cards you don’t know can be searched here or here.

Anyway, this week I drafted B/W. Beacuse…

You may put on your sunglasses and yell as appropriate.

So yeah, got to first pick a Lingering Souls for the first time (over a Deranged Outcast) and went into B/W. I think it was a good deck. And I looove being able to play this card. 4 power in the air off one card. Ridiculous. Banned in Block Constructed for good reason.

R1: M1 I land flooded against a medicore U/R deck. Still, same guy from a previous draft got his hands on yet another Stromkirk Noble. Aaaaaaargh. M2 I flooded the board with my Lingering Soul’s tokens, a Falkenrath Noble and some other weenies despite being blocked by decent blue fliers. Until…

And then suddenly, there weren't any blockers. Probably English and on a predetermined tea break.

M2 goes to me. Wahahaha. M3 I played this….

The one who passed this card to me first-picked a foil Bloodline Keeper and then never drew it.

As long as you have a human in play, which is not hard with B/W, it is untouchable and unkillable. And then it just wins. And it did. He flipped his Mondronen Shaman and attacked, only I played a Village Bell-Ringer, untapped this baby and blocked. And then it was over. Nothing (much) can stop it.

R2: M1 drew a 5 land hand, mulliganed to a 2 land hand on the play, kept and never drew a third land, died in a fire to Geistflame and a Erdwal Ripper from a R/B deck. M2 was fine on five lands, and then right at the end he played Rage Thrower and swung with everything mistakenly. Lived on 3 life with a Human Token, Angelic Overseer and a Silverchase Fox. Then I didn’t topdeck any of the five answers to remove his SINGLE blocker from my angel’s path to win. Ugh.

R3: Played against a G/W with a Mikaeus,the Lunarch and Feed the Pack, with several Voiceless Spirits and Silverclaw Griffins. M1  pulled a Bonds of Faith to remove his Voiceless to get there with my own Griffin and Lingering Souls tokens. M2 smashed his face in with Angelic Overseer.

Came third with a 2-1 record. Overall pulled a Angelic Overseer, Sudden Disappearance, Lingering Souls, Champion of the Parish, Devil’s Play, Kessig Wolf Run, Grim Backwoods (eww) and from my prize pack an Increasing Devotion and Wolfbitten Captive.

Last draft (probably) was fun. Looking forward to the cards in AVR with the new soulbond mechanic to try out.

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