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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #10

Woah double digits. Must mean the end of an era very soon, with Avacyn Restored releasing at the beginning of May. Some great cards tonight, again some I’ve never drafted before. This draft, I went for the ever-agrro, heavy removal R/B. Card scans for stuff you don’t recognise can be found here or here.

But anyway, on to those lovely rares I pulled.

Those, but with two Stromkirk Captains and a heavy vampire deck that splashed Green for the above werewolf and a Wild Hunger. Lots of removal, lots of strong vampires including a Markov Warlord and a foil Chosen of Markov, balanced out by some Vampire Interlopers and a Falkenrath Noble.

R1: Won round 1 in about 5 minutes against my friend who we weren’t particularly happy about matching up against first. He played W/B humans and spirits, after pulling both Vault of the Archangel and Moorland Haunt. M1 pulled a near perfect hand, with turn 2 Interloper into Captain, Patrician, Captain, Victim of Night and he conceded with a Warlord still in my hand. M2 went much the same though without a second captain.

R2: Against B/W spirits belonging to the guy who sat to my right at the drafting stage. M1 flooded on lands and died to his air. Sideboarded in the anti-air secret tech; One-Eyed Scarecrow. M2: Scarecrow drops to slow him down, the Ranger comes out to murder every single one of his creatures, with Brimstone Volley catching his Angel of Flight Alabaster. M3 the Mask of Avacyn he boarded in came out in full force, swinging me for small amounts every turn, while a lack of land and his Griptides kept me behind. Stabilized on 5 life, surviving his onslaught of creatures only due to Falkenrath Nobles ability combined with the vampires First Strike effect. (The life gain triggers after first strike combat, before regular combat. Without first strike, I would have died to damage I let through, THEN Noble triggers which would have lost me the game.) Turned the game around very quickly when Ranger flipped the next turn, and opponent had no cards in hand.

R3: Against R/G werewolves with a Gavony Township splash. Won M1 when his weenie creatures were slowly hitting me to death because of two(!) Pyreheart Wolves, but then he shot himself in the foot by playing Rolling Temblor and not reading Falkenrath Noble’s ability properly – it’s ALL creatures it triggers on :) – nuking his own field, while Noble gained a dagger and turned sideways for victory. M2 I lost to Gavony Township pumping werewolves, and eventually we were both topdecking but his deck had more creature cards and on top of that a Gavony that he could sit back and pump until he was in lethal range.

And then for some reason I called a judge and said I lost 2-0. Conceded the final and placed second. I didn’t notice the score had been 1-1 until 15 minutes later and after I had opened my 3 boosters for second place.


Maybe it was meant to be though? Prizes included a Gravecrawler, Geralf’s Messenger and a Grafdigger’s Cage, as well as a Drogskol Captain, Strangleroot Geist and two Tragic Slips. First time opening prizes has ever been a net gain.

Taking the pain of forfeiting away.

  1. Borgorb
    April 17, 2012 at 9:25 pm

    Not sure if second place good or bad with those prizes, is that your 3rd gravecrawler from prizes so far?
    A shame you came second but go werewolves XD (Sucks they’re not going to be in in Avacyn Restored)

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