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Dark Ascension (DKA) Drafts #8 and #9

Not too much detail this week. As always, you can find cards here and here.

Played on Good Friday (weird I know), played a G/W with Gavony Township and Feed the Pack as main win condition cards. Good looking combo for many, many strong wolves. Lost games due to, well, everyone drawing way better rares than I did. Got rare-stomped. Gavony is cool, Bloodline Keeper is better. Olivia Voldaren is better. Angel of Flight Alabaster is… debatable if it’s better. Opened prize pack (1 booster prize even for last place) of ISD to get…. Stony Silence. Worst draft in a long time.

Played again thursday for… another G/W deck. But this week got to pull some rares I’ve been trying to get for months.

It makes guys!


It kills guys!


Deck was pretty strong with the plan Marshall set out in his podcast. Draft White. Draft another colour. First pick Equipment in the ISD booster (Silver-Inlaid Dagger and Butcher’s Cleaver). Build aggro. Win draft. And it worked… until the finals where my opponent played Geist of Saint Traft all 3 games. Placed second, and two boosters with nothing good to speak of.

Some nice plays tonight though. Rebuking my own attacker to flip a Thraben Sentry to deal lethal damage… letting an opponent summon two graveyards worth of creatures with Grimoire of the Dead only to Blasphemous Act them back where they came from. Good stuff.

Meanwhile, the Avacyn Restored spoiler season began this week at PAX East.  Some good stuff you can see here if you’re interested.

Time Walk will never be the same.

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