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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #7

Spent today looking forward to a triple DKA draft (ugh!) but last-minute Innistrad box! Hooray for DII!

Again, see a card name you don’t understand? Use here or here.

First pack I opened had Hellrider, Immerwolf and Drogskol Captain. I agonized for at least a minute about it (oops) but took the spirit captain to try out the U/W deck. And it worked, lots of Spirits and Humans. Got the secret tech going with 2 Invisible Stalkers and a Butcher’s Cleaver, 2 Fiend Hunters with Saving Grasp, 2 Silent Departures and Drogskol Captain with Midnight Haunting. Good deck. Even the Immerwolf tabled which kind of makes me regret not playing the werewolves, but I did that one already.

Round 1: Match 1 went Captain, Midnight Haunting, gg. Match 2 was going well when my opponent cast Bonds of Faith on my Rampaging Werewolf then played Think Twice on the same turn. Needless to say, he traded a 6/4 for 5/4, and died horribly. (Saw him later play a Bonds on a Lantern Spirit. Wut.)

Round 2: Match 1 won with Cleaver. Gaining at least 4 life on every creature it equips won the game pretty fast, but there was a point where if he top-decked a Stromkirk Captain I would have died horribly. Lost M2 and M3 when he dropped a Stromkirk Noble on his turn 1, and I really can’t keep up with a card I can’t block AND get’s stronger every time.

Round 3: Went up against a G/U self mill, but won with Captain both games with Spirit tokens and Spectral Rider/Invisible Stalker. Strong resistance but evasion always gets through in the end.

Never actually got the Grasp or the Cleaver secret tech off :(

2-1, 2 packs! Feels good man.

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