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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #6


I am so proud of myself. That’s the first time I’ve gone 3-0 and got top place. Feels good man. Draft was DDI because Auckland has run out of Innistrad. Four packs of DKA to me.

I’m totes lazy tonight, so if you don’t know what the cards are, search them up here or here.

The Deck:

O CMC – 2x Evolving Wilds, 8 Forest, 7 Swamp

1 CMC – 2x Wolfhunter’s Quiver, Prey Upon, Ghoulcaller’s Chant, Hunger of the Howlpack

2 CMC – 3x Highborn Ghoul, 2x Ambush Viper, 2x Dawntreader Elk, Strangleroot Geist, Scorned Villager, Somberwald Dryad, Sharpened Pitchfork

3 CMC – Wakedancer, Ulvenwald Bear

4 CMC – 3x Kessig Recluse

5 CMC – 2x Bitterheart Witch

First picked the Quiver from both DKA packs, then windmilled any and every Deathtouch creature that passed me. Passed on all the rares (though I wouldn’t have said no to Vorrapede or Predator Ooze or any decent B/G). No Deadly Allures strangely and no Juggernaut, but maybe another day that combo will go off.

Round 1: Opponent ran U/W, M1 he stalled on 2 lands and scooped to my agressive two drops of two ghouls, an elk and a dryad. M2 both our decks hit our strides, mine with Quiver getting passed around my deathtouch creeps, his with all the looting; Jar of Eyeballs, Murder of Crows, Civilised Scholar, then moving into the Fiend Hunter/Saving Grasp combo to shut down mine. Game came down to me either topdecking an answer or losing, drew a quiver and pinged his life away for the victory.

Round 2: Opponent ran G/W (four players ran white in pod which is probably why the good white cards were so spaced out between players), M1 I started and played Villager on turn 2 to no response, flipped and played Witch T3  followed by a Quiver T4 and he scooped. M2 Strangleroot got in some early hits, but the Quiver combo stalled allowing him to build up a defence with Burden of Guilt and Avacyn’s Pilgrim and solid attackers in Village Survivors and a flipped Silverpelt Werewolf. Ultimately, he misplayed on an attack phase where he didn’t tap down any attackers and was knocked down to one life remaining. Left myself open to his entire attacking team with his guys all having Vigilance but he couldn’t kill all 20 of my life in one turn even with Travel Preparations and flashbacking it, and on top of that didn’t realise Quiver could ping players, giving me victory at the untap step.

Round 3: Mono-black with heavy focus on discard with /many/ Black Cats and several Gruesome Discovery as well as aggressive zombies like Walking Corpse and Wakedancer. His deck plan seemed to be to force an opponent into top-decking their way after T5 after discarding all their late-game answers. M1 I stabilised on 7 life, pinging away a 6/6 and then a 7/7 Unbreathing Horde to victory. Lost game 2 when I didn’t sacrifice my Elk early enough to fetch a second forest and found myself unable to play any spiders, only stabilising at 3 life to then die to Harrowing Journey. M3 dropped a Quiver first turn to avoid the discard followed by two Ambush Vipers for an easy win.

Few things I want to say about my deck and my night.

I found it surprising how many people didn’t understand how First Strike and Deathtouch interacted. Yes actually, my creature kills yours before yours can fight back.

YES, pinging your guy with a Quiver counts as lethal damage.

Strangleroot Geist eats most stuff alive.

Flipping a Villager early makes your T3 practically a victory.

I would have lost R2 M2 if he had a Rally the Peasants. But he didn’t C:

Saving Grasp and Fiend Hunter is SICCCKKKK.

Kessig Recluse eats pretty much anything. And then give it a Quiver.

I passed a Jar of Eyeballs, a Havengul Runebinder and I don’t even know what the rare was in pack 3 because I was first picking the deathtouch/quivers without really looking. Only the Jar came back to haunt me.

Flipped Instigator Gangs are GG right there.

Flipped Instigator Gangs and Traitorous Blood is pretty much overkill.

DKA doesn’t have very good werewolves, DDI isn’t good for werewolves if you don’t get an Immerwolf or two.

Foil Immerwolf get!

  1. Borgorb
    March 28, 2012 at 2:56 pm

    You were probably only able to pull it of because it was DDI otherwise getting 2 Quivers would have been really difficult.
    Congrats nonetheless, looks like you deserved it.

    Also, never encountered a discard deck before, seems powerful under the right circumstances.

    • March 28, 2012 at 4:21 pm

      I don’t know, forcing them to discard with Gruesome Discovery feels like a waste of what I could be doing with 4 mana like for instance, developing my board. It does kill of lategame bombs being held in the hand, but it’s no good if their 3 and 4-drops can run over your stuff. I witnessed first-hand how Unbreathing Horde, even as a 6/6 was not all intimidating.

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