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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #4

First Friday Night Magic this year kicks off with a DDI draft with ten players in one pod and four rounds. Circumstances. Not ideal, but this week I sit down to force werewolves. I haven’t had the chance to run werewolves, and it’s the tribe I really wanted to try out.

First pack, Curse of Echoes and Hinterland Hermit. Take the Hermit. Second pack pick the Pyreheart Wolf (Lost in the Woods here, what is up?). Third pack; Mondronen Shaman. Aww yeah. What follows is a aggressive 2 drop R/G werewolf deck, supported by a Jar of Eyeballs in pack 2 and a Gavony Township(!) in pack 3 with some nice Hunger of the Howlpacks and Wild Hungers to get in the damage.

Round 1: Went up against U/B Zombies, with several Highborn Ghouls being fetched out by Call to the Kindred. Won M1, lost M2, won M3 when opponent flooded.

Round 2: Paired down (lame) against possibly the worst player in the pod, a rare drafter with a four colour deck. Lost M1 to a Highborn Ghoul powered with Increasing Savagery, but I would have lost to that flashbacked on anything, escpecially considering I drew nothing but land after T6. Easily won M2 and M3.

Round 3: Mirror match against the only other werewolf deck in the pod, except he got the single Immerwolf in 20 boosters. I flooded both games, but I still think he had a better deck than mine, Immerwolf is just super strong as a lord especially when he removes the downside of werewolves flipping back.

Round 4: Another U/B deck. Lost M1 to flooding after turn 5 and a Soul Seizer stealing my Shaman. Won M2 when we both flooded the entire game but I had a flipped Hermit on the field, he scooped on turn 7.  Both of us mulliganed to 6 in M3, and both stuck on two lands for 5 turns each, except I had a flipped Hermit and a Dawntreader Elk swinging in, and he scooped when my lands came first.

All up 3-1. Came third because the other player who got 3-1 didn’t get paired down in R2. :\ Got this months FNM card Tectonic Edge (beautiful art), and 2 DKA boosters netting me my first Strangleroot Geist and a Gravecrawler.

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