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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #3



This is what happens when you draft a good deck but the gods of luck hate you.


The deck contained:

Strong white and green human 2 drops. Picking Loyal Cathar on pack 2 and 3 meant that everyone around me steered clear of white allowing me to supplement it with two Midnight Hauntings, Elder Cathar, Hamlet Captain, and decent equipment (but no cleaver). Flayer of the Hatebound was my first pick, comboing well with Loyal Cathar, Young Wolf, and many other cards that disliked staying in the graveyard. Picked up Garruk Relentless in pack 3. Rounding out with splashing red for Flayer and Brimstone Volley, it looked to be a good deck.


First round went up against R/G werewolves, and was 1/1 only losing to Somberwald Dryad and Immerwolf on no green creature draws. Lost 3rd match to land flood.

Lost 2nd round, first match to land flood, second match to Curse of Death’s Hold on T5 pretty much shutting down my deck.

Seeing low removal pass me, I ran a Mask of Avacyn, which served super well in all the games I drew it, despite being a bit costly to move. It’s true that players are picking it to run against the heavy removal decks, it’s a stellar card in those situations, as well as a massive toughness bonus for weaker humans.

At least pulling Garruk made my money back I suppose :\ But sucks to have boss deck go down in flames. Maybe better luck next week.

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