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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #2

Came back this week with a proper DII draft. 0 – 2. I scrubbed out, losing both games 2-1 with a UR deck. Decent first pack with DKA, drawing a Hellrider and 2 Niblis of the Breath, but both Innistrad packs lacked good cards in my colour, and on top of that my deck didn’t have any equipment or removal.

Lost the first round to a G/W with Elder of Laurels, which really hurts when you have nothing to remove his creatures.

Lost the second round to B/W humans, of which the opponent had two Divine Reckonings, Thalia, Elbrus, the Binding Blade and a Blasphemous Act. Good grief.

Both games that I won were due to Evil Twin, which is a card I had believed beforehand to be kind of underwhelming, but came out really strong. It combos really well with Undying Evil and the Undying mechanic in general (it can copy a creature with Undying, die, return and copy a new creature but still have a +1/+1 counter), and I enjoyed legend ruling a Withengar Unbound.

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