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Dark Ascension (DKA) Draft #1

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Finished my first draft with DKA last night (DDI however for lack of Innistrad boosters), and boss deck is boss. Came second in my pod because the guy with the equal W/L had better resistance, which someday I will understand.

My deck was U/B Zombies.



Geralf’s Mindcrusher – 5/5 Undying, mill ability is nice on a stalled board but not super useful. It’s the bulk combined with undying that murders creatures.

Beguiler of Wills – Mind control on a stick. Never got to play it (it was always milled out).

Heretic’s Punishment – Removal on a stick. Splashed red by running this and Fires of Undeath over a Feed the Pack/ Spider Spawning green splash. Both were viable but I really wanted to try Punishment after advice from Marshall.



Diregraf Captain (x2) – Got a foil one passed to me. Yay!

Farbog Boneflinger – One game, played this to kill a dude, traded it off but cast Undying Evil to save it, enters the battlefield again to murder another dude, traded again. Value.

Headless Skaab – Coming into play tapped is a bit of a bummer, but it’s still a solid turn 3 play, and its a sturdy creature regardless.

Stitched Drake

Screeching Skaab – I like this card more than Armored Skaab, but the mill two can be a bit less trustworthy. If you miss though, you can trade a  2/1 off far easier than a 1/4.

Armored Skaab

Wolfhunter’s Quiver – This with two Diregraf Captains, a Typhoid Rats and a Bitterheart Witch….so much removal. Not to mention all the things that can be killed with 1 damage on top of that.


Game Recap:

R1 M1 – Loss. My opponent ran out Shriekgeist, followed by Drogskol Captain, followed by Midnight Haunting. Overpowered in the air.

R1 M2 – Loss. Same thing, except multiple Shriekgeists and Captain. I did manage to remove the air, but still was too far behind in life (3-18) to catch back up.

R2 M1 – Win. Quiver + Diregraf Captain / Typhoid Rats. Pinging lethal on all the dudes for a quick 2 turn board sweep.

R2 M2 – Loss. Reqiuem Angel stomped all over my stuff when I drew no removal.

R2 M3 – Win. Quiver + 2 Captains. Same deal.

R3 – M1 – Win. Opponent stalled on 3 mana for 2 turns, allowing the dudes to pile up on my side. Won the race against Falkenrath Aristocrat.

R3 – M2 – Win. Most exciting game of the night. Both of us board wiping each other, him with 3 Fires of Undeath and 2 Death’s Caress, me with Heretic’s Punishment wiping his stuff and Geralf’s Mindcrusher swinging in. On the last turn, with a 6/6 on the field I couldn’t swing for the win against his Pitchburn Devils when I was only on 3 life. Heretic’s Punishment to his face and managed to topdeck the only 6cmc card in my deck, Geistcatcher’s Rig, from 18 cards to exactly murder his 6 remaining life.

Nothing quite like that topdeck. Looking forward to next week.

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