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‘A funny thing happened on the garden path…’ Part 7

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Author’s Note: These are taking a lot longer then I thought they would. Or maybe it’s all the Starcraft 2. And before you ask, I have no idea why the size of the spacing betweens lines is different.


Four hundred and twenty-eight days before Day 0

After leaving the Police Station, James led me around Primus for a length of time equal to or greater than the time anyone would need to not have any idea where we were going. And in no less than thirty minutes, I found myself in a part of the city surrounded by apartment buildings. It was less that I had no idea this was here and more that I never needed to know these were here; James and I rented in a more up-town district in line with our income.

“This is the one.” James said, matching his GPS on his watch with the building name printed down the side.

“He lives here? The doctor? I’d always imagined a university lecturer who was famous on Sigma and even in other systems to have… I don’t know. A higher salary?”

James laughed. “No, he’s meeting us here, at my apartment. Don’t you remember what we did last night?”


“Well then…” He seemed a bit off-put by the comment. “Drink less. And let me do the talking.”

The building was dusty, like management couldn’t afford a regular cleaning service. Or maybe, as I noticed the cobwebs beginning to overtake the entrance to the service area on the ground floor, that the automatons hadn’t been repaired. Or considering the level of security James got us past, that the selling point for this apartment block was probably it’s affordability. I half-expected to be assaulted by someone in the corridor for drug money.

In fact the only thing that truly bothered me about the place was that the elevator was out, and James made us climb seven floors of cold staircase before he told me this was the one, this was the place.

“Why though? Why seven flights of stairs in a random apartment building?”

“Because on this floor” he proposed to me triumphantly, “the secruity is disabled.”

“What did you do?”

“Nothing. Just a tip I earned. Come.” James led me down the hallway to 704, which as far as I could tell was no different to any of the other room. Except for the name on holo-display, which read Maximus Samuels. Was that the fault of the parents, or whoever allowed this man to change his name?

James stood in front of the door and turned to face me. “Hello, I’m Maximus” he grinned, the door swinging open behind him. Inside was probably one of the more filthier rooms I’d ever seen, and that’s including the one that had been an impromptu landfill.

“Is this an impromptu landfill James? I don’t want to hear this is the place. You know.”

“Woah woah. It’s not like that time. Definitely. Now I’ll clean… this up while you go outside and bring back some nice drinks for the guest. Celebratory ones. Expensive looking.”

“When do I need to be back?”

“Soon, he’ll be arriving soon. I told him to meet me at my apartment.”

“This isn’t your apartment.”

He looked puzzled, then cursed quietly. “Well… I suppose you can take your time then.”

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  1. Halcyon
    February 22, 2012 at 9:47 pm

    Spacing is different in-paragraph and between-paragraph.This is usually a common setting.

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