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Dark Ascension (DKA) Pre-Release Wrap-up

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On Friday I spent most of the day revising DKA spoilers, expert opinions on their effect in Limited/Sealed and listening to Limited Resources podcasts. I was prepared. I knew what decks I could build. I knew how to play around ISD/DKA threats and expected deck archetypes. And when I turned up  on Saturday and got my boosters, I was feeling pretty good.


These are the six rares from the 6 booster packs I opened. They are garbage in drafts, and they are bulk rares if you try to sell/trade them afterwards. A lose-lose situation.

Actually, despite the uselessness of the Helvault, I was pretty happy to open that. And the Cackling Counterpart could be useful if I wanted to create any tokens of my strong cards…

There would be a picture of my entire pool here, but suffice to say it is enough for you to know that the pool doesn’t lean strongly to any colours, ESPECIALLY not blue. But, there were a few cards that stood out to me, and with the lack of any bombs the only decision was to play an aggro deck.

R/B aggro 1

R/B aggro 2

The initial deck I ran in the first game. The sleeved cards are all foil.

There was some great synergy cards in my R/B pool, especially with the two Rakish Heirs, Erdwal Ripper, Nearhearth Stalker, Stromkirk Patrol and the wonderful Stromkirk Captain. That’s a decent amount of vampires that more or less get stronger every time they smack an opponent. The bonuses from the captain are also helpful (read:necessary) to protect the fragile Stalker and his smaller buddies. The vampires are rounded out with Falkenrath Noble, ever the good card.

Two Geistflames and one Griptide rounds out every removal spell I pulled from my boosters /cry.

The four blue cards I am running are fine, I pulled two Evolving Wilds and never had a problem with fixing mana.

Lastly, keen eyes see the double Black Cats. I built these into my deck to round out the mana curve, wanting to be able to play some solid two-mana drops. I was fully aware that they were garbage, but I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt.


After the first game the two Black Cats and Helvault were immediately replaced by Highborn Ghoul, Heavy Mattock and a Farbog Boneflinger I didn’t know I had. Despite having a Blood Feud, it stayed well away from my deck. Black Cats are garbage at 1/1, and their ability isn’t even useful, especially not in Limited which likes having cards in the graveyard.

The slightly modified deck took me 3-0-1 for four rounds, losing the second round to a Spider Spawning deck that got first place. How?


Pyreheart Wolf.

Ridiculously badass. Makes the counter stealing vampires more effective. Makes first strike vampires laugh at double-blocking. Undying gets at least two uses out of him. Gets around decks who tried to trade creatures to slow me down. Nearly as good as a Markov Warlord, but I wouldn’t have said no to one.

Got into top 4 playoffs, but dropped due to the fact that the other three players had luck. Like, decent decks + bombs, where as I only had a decent deck. Its no shame to lose a guy who got Geist of Saint Traft, Ghoultree AND a Geralf’s Mindcrusher. Good grief, that deck only needs to brute force it’s way to victory. The other two decks were the aforementioned Spider Spawning and a Thraben Doomsayer/Avacyn’s Collar/Drogskol Captain combo. Yikes.


Cards that really shone as being awesome:

Strangleroot Geist, to no surprise.

Avacyn’s Collar, for Human decks that turns every creature into an extra Doomed Traveller, on top of the nice equip bonus for a cheap 2 mana.

Nephalia Seakite, every blue deck I played held back on turn 4 for a counterspell, and 75% of the time pulled this out at end step instead. Great at 2/3, and with flash and flying  just gives it so many uses. I picked up a foil C:

All the monster lords were fairly good, but the best would have to be the Drogskol Captain for buffing all those tokens, followed by Stormkirk Noble.


Good day, but terrible draft rares followed by terrible prize rares (two Feed the Pack and a Heretic’s Punishment!!) meant that it was more disappointing than my win record suggests. Oh well.

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