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‘A funny thing happened on the garden path…’ Part 3

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Four hundred and twenty eight days before Day 0


“Alright you two, wake up. I have other things to do today then process drunkards you know.”


I opened my eyes to find myself in a temporary prison cell. James was on the floor next to me, head by the toilet. It had been one of those nights.


“You can quit faking asleep Mr. Cufts, I know you posted your own bail even if I can’t prove it.”


James’ head immediately snapped around to face Officer Forbes, who had been adressing us from the other side of the bars. He was grinning. If I had to describe James right there, I would say the man was perpetually awake. Manically so.


“Maybe one day” Forbes continued, “you’ll teach me how to post your own bail when I know I have your watch locked up in a cabinet behind my desk.”


“Maybe one day Officer” said James, “Now I need my stuff. Lots to do.” He sprang up like he hadn’t ingested more than the recommended maximum alcohol allowance last night. It made my head hurt trying to remember what we did. But James was like that when it came to ‘parties’. It wasn’t the type of party where we went out drinking and found ourselves the next morning in the company of woman who were probably more beautiful the night prior. It was the kind of party where we woke up in a police lockup and wouldn’t remember the story of how we got there until we were drunk three weeks later.


“One day” sighed Forbes, “they’ll put the drinking age back up to 27, so good-for-nothings like you spend less time consorting with the likes of me.”


“Sure, now lets have my stuff back quickly. Things to do you see.” James fidgeted impatiently until the bars deactivated, and he was already strutting off to collect his stuff.


Forbes sighed and looked at me. “Can’t you do a better job of controlling him? You boys always seem in here.”


I shrugged. I’m not a very good leash for a person like James, but I don’t even remember right now if I tried to stop him or not. I feel like we did something important but it’s just not coming to me. Forbes seem to sag at the reply. I slowly exited the cell and followed Forbes to where James was to collect my stuff.


“Mr Cufts” said Forbes behind his desk once again, visibily relaxed now he once again had a barrier between him and the man with the everlasting grin. “One watch, two packs of gum, and one print book. How a drunkard has a print book I’ll never know.”


“Maybe one day you’ll discover that my parents were not in fact, industry workers, but rich philantropists, and I have inherited their extreme wealth to use as I wish.”


“Yeah, and one day you won’t treat this station like a weekend retreat. So get out of my sight. I have computerwork to do.” Forbes handed me my watch and made shooing motions. James had already grabbed me by the upper arm to drag me out of the station.


“Places to go man, people to see! We gotta get home and get the place looking nice for the doctor today. I can feel already man, we’re going to be rich. Rich and far away from here!”


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