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‘A funny thing happened on the garden path…’ Part 2

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Disclaimer: I posted a chapter without explaining the main plot. Noob mistake. I Apologise. Here is part 2 which should bring the main plot to your attention.



Day 0 plus eight-and-a-half minutes


“Whatever James, have your little fun. How’s the musical coming?” I asked, referring to the well-thumbed book he always had on him. He said something about the co-stars being difficult to work with but I had already tuned his drivel out and turned on the television set up at the dig.


“Are you going to watch Galatic Songbird?”


“Yes James I am, and will do so despite being two months out of date.” Being on a planet in the middle of nowhere had it’s disadvantages; the first being communication with the nearest space hub was largely delayed, and being a small underfunded expedition denied us the equipment for FTL communications. Not that they were cheap, the dig would have to be a turn-of-the-millenium amazing discovery with constant news coverage to warrant the need for an FTLComm.


“David says Natasha wins.”


“What? James. I had four episodes left-”


“Three, the penultimate episode broadcast gets interrupted by a solar flare so they tack it on to the beginning of the finale.”


“And how the hell does David know?”


I already knew the answer. David was a friend of James, and being a month away gave him time to finish the series and message us before I got close to finishing it. In fact, he was probably one of the few people cared that we were out here. James didn’t reply, so I started flicking through the recorder to see what I could watch that wasn’t going to have the ending spoiled.


Silence wasn’t uncommon between us. I may blame him for stranding us here, but he wasn’t a bad person. It’s just after so long, there are no more stories to share. Nothing happens here.


“I’ve been thinking” James said quietly. I stole a glance over my shoulder to his lawnchair, but he hadn’t moved from boring a hole in the book with his eyes. “I have a plan to get us out, rich and set for the rest of our lives.”


“I’m not faking a disease again. It doesn’t work. At all.”


“It’ll require a lot of prep work. But I’ve worked it all out, and we can bluff the rest of the way, take the money and run.”


“I don’t like it when you add running to the plan. It implies people will chase us. And that you have somewhere to go to. Is this the kind of incident that’ll land us somewhere like this again?”


“No. It’ll work. After we begin, we just hand the job over to someone else. By the time anyone figures we faked it we’ll have changed our names and be rich on a much better planet.”


“Faked it? What are you planning?”


“I’m planning…” James paused for dramatic effect. I threw a rock at him. “I’m planning to find some ruins of an ancient alien civilisation. Right here.”

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