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Batman and related Rogues

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

So the villains for the new Batman film; “The Dark Knight Rises” are going to be Catwoman and Bane.

(Yes, we’re all aware of the awful gag(s) including Catwoman and the film title. Christ.)

Not the villains I would have picked. I mean, you’ve got Catwoman; sex symbol and probably a little bit Badass Normal. Maybe we’re trying to make up for that awful film. And then there’s Bane, the genius on steroids, whose claim to fame is breaking Batman’s back. Just the once mind you.

Firstly, there’s the questionable villain choice themselves. I don’t particularly want to see these villains. I was hoping for The Riddler myself, or someone who would figure out Batman’s identity and use it for super-villain stuff – but that’s a little bit wishful considering what happened in The Dark (and long) Night with some random accountant. But I do know that my wants are not that important – I’m not making this film. Have to trust Nolan I suppose. (Return of the random accountant!)

Maybe Catwoman would be alright, but the existence of Bane pretty much tells us what the film is going to be about. Bane, that one-shot guy who exists to be like what Doomsday was to Superman. They introduced a new villain to kill of Batman to fix some of their canon issues at the time. Unfortunately, Bane’s gig became popular enough for him to be reintroduced several times into the various animated stuff for television (Batman the Animated Series, Batman Beyond). Yes I watched those. Bane is intelligent, but in the adaptions Batman wins.

The strangest thing about having Bane in the film, is while the concept of Genius Brusier as a villain is pretty neat, the current Batman is a man in a bulletproof exoskeleton. This isn’t a guy with muscles, he powered by technology. I’m thinking the new Bane will have his origin reworked to make him win against the monster that is Batman.

The plot? Oh… Batman loses at the end of the first act to Bane, then spends the rest for the film recovering while Gotham eventually realizes they need his help and then he gets back up to win the third act back from Bane. Catwoman? I don’t even care. Considering what I just wrote, maybe this means Bane won’t be musclebound, but have his own powered suit – a la Iron Monger? I don’t know. Police are usually pretty inept in films with supers, so anything goes – but there needs to be some reason Gotham wants their dark knight back.

Oh, I suppose that guess fits with the title of the film “Rises”. Unless Catwoman is Bruce Wayne’s new girlfriend (sorry). Or something.

I really hope we get over comic book films soon and start a wave towards movies based on video games. We’ve been doing (mostly) good comic book films for 8 years now. It’s about time somebody tried to get ahead of the reboot curve before we run out of mainstream heroes.

I now want a Shadowrun movie. Or TV series. Epic.

Edit: You make one post about Batman and traffic spikes. Where is it all coming from? Also, 3 comments have been eaten by the spam filter. If this was a mistake, please resend.

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