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Stuff Update

New theme! This means it’s time for a blog post.


Project EX2-Y1 :

1: Write prologue

2: Draw Characters

3: Find game engine I like.

4: Feed 1 and 2 into game engine

5: Get BGM and SFX

6: Play movie.

That’s right! The prologue is finished. Although, what I’ve got written is probably going to look a lot different once step 4 takes place.

Step 2 is looking difficult :\ Still not sure whether to go for outside help on the drawing and music.


Zero Resistance :

In progress, as you can tell. Am enjoying it. Are you?


And on top of those, writing a new story, which uses my new Shadowrun character.

Currently titled “The Myrmidon Conspiracy” – that’s still at the storyboard-kind-of step. As in, I know what needs to happen, but there is so much middle missing it just looks like a beginning and end. This should change shortly, trying to at least get it written before my character dies. Hopefully he won’t. He’s too badass in my head.

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