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Cheers 2010, you were pretty cool.

2010, you are finished. Done. Like dinner. Or dessert. More people like dessert. Done like dessert.

But all in all, you gave us some good and bad things. A year to remember.

This is a list of things that 2010 gave the world, and that I had strong memories with. Lets remember 2010.




Minecraft – Good god Minecraft. It doesn’t really need much explanation, for if you haven’t heard of it, you officially DO NOT HAVE A COMPUTER. It’s Lego on crack. And than that crack got high for some strange compounding effect. People built scale models, plain models, railways, replicas, roller coasters, giant people and the list goes on. Out of 16×16 bricks.

It simultaneously brings out the best in communities and the worst in the select few.


Starcraft 2 – Biggest disappointment for me. It was released with the crappy Spore DRM that no one liked (only even more restricted), required an internet connection for single player (clearly didn’t learn from the disaster of Assassin’s Creed) and took one step forward and a full quarter mile backwards for battle.net by removing the ability to have clans or even working public chat channels.

Oh, I also played a bit, my reaction is meh. It just handles like so many other RTS. It could have been any game I was playing. Admittedly, I didn’t play much, but I’m definitely not keen on buying the damn thing.


Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru – Episode 8 is out. I’ll have to wait half a year to tell you what I think of it. Just know I’m keen on the happy end which we may or may not get.




Inception – Which was really sweet. I mean, did you meet anyone who /didn’t/ like it?


Scott Pilgrim Vs The World – Wheeeeeeee. A video game movie (not really, but it was close) that didn’t suck or was made by Uwe Boll (or in his case, both). Favourite movie of the year, mostly for the ridiculousness of all of it.


Tron: Legacy – Fancy light show which was let down by a lame 3rd act. Fairly good anyway. CGI Jeff Bridges…. and it makes you think of what they could do with ANYONE’S likeness.


And for the love of someone’s god make Harry Potter and Twilight just END. Had enough kthx.



I didn’t actually read anything much. My one purchase this year was Ghost Academy Vol.2 which was alright. Could have been better.



Dungeons and Dragons – For being awesome. I’m terrible at the RP at the moment, and it still feels like every suggestion is being rejected because it comes from me, but it will get better.

Currently I’m the party tank, but the damn party keeps trying to go ahead of me. When i have fairly good armour and the average damage larger than/equal to mook HP – LET ME OPEN DOORS.

Overall; I’m getting out and meeting people. Now all I need is a more powerful computer and a better internet connection.

We’re also starting a Shadowrun group – which has a much cooler (albeit more complicated) setting.


Doujin Overload – Neat. I want to have a table. Childish want I’ll admit, for I have no whares for sale. Maybe someday.

Must get there earlier this year to buy more stuff!


Christchurch EQ – I remember because I got texts about it during a very boring LAN. In fact, that was probably the only thing that happened, so unorganized >_>


Armageddon (Auckland edition) – Too awesome for words. First time checking out the cosplay side of the con, and that was pretty cool. First time going all 3 days as well.

I went to panels! They were pretty neat.

Sunday night was best. Fun times.

I met a lot of new and interesting people. Definitely interesting people.

Also – I got my RedvsBlue DVDs. Yay very much.



And that wraps up most of what I wanted to say about 2010. I hope 2011 is better.

(And at some point I will be changing the theme of this blog – I find the text now to be a little big and spaced out.)

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