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Campaign End

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

We saved the multi-verse yesterday. It was epic.


We very nearly didn’t.


We used up all our adventure points to re-roll our encounter with the final boss, which was pretty disastrous. Second attempt half our party didn’t die before we hit the bugger (and he was killed in a single round by our tank).


After defeating the boss, everyone teamed up to follow the steps to disable the machine that would destroy all the alternate reality’s except the goblin plane.

Then the knife we needed shattered. Cue gasps and swearing. Long story short we (luckily) worked around that problem and destroyed the machine.

Then we cheesed it back to the closing portal to our  plane. We got through the portal from the goblin plane back to our own, only the rogue was off on his own trying to run down the mountain to get through (we took the magic carpet and passed him).

The tank blocked the portal and trapped the rogue on the other side after overpowering the rogue’s bull-rush attempt. But at the least the rogue kept the tank’s knives (a common source of dispute and infighting between them). Good times.


After looking at the encounters in the campaign…. I hate my character.

1st fight – Landed 100ft from fight, then stunned, then retreated from explosion.

2nd – Attacked 3 times for a total of about 20 damage.

3rd  – Spend the whole fight losing a grapple with a Cloaker (then won the grapple and someone else finished it off).

4th – Attacked an illusion, then was paralyzed the whole fight.


My luck. What. I’m rolling a fighter for the next campaign.

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