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November 8, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

I didn’t go to my brother’s prizegiving. On the upside, it turns out the certificate we got told he was winning was actually a trophy and a $500 prize. Nice.

I was at a DnD group instead. Nice people. I’m more-or-less an idiot at the game so far, but they have had patience with my inane suggestions so far.

I’ve joined the end of a campaign, which makes me pretty weak compared to the party. I expected that, but what is bugging me a little is putting all my feats and skills into mounted combat, and the final dungeon is inside a tower. I cannot summon my horse and ride indoors XD

With the campaign finishing shortly, can start on more even footing with the others next time (and for the love of whatever god, not be Lawful Good).


DnD has replaced mafia as brain food. Lol.

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